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Brief statistics on the number of Bahá'ís in the world and in certain territories and the activities of Bahá'ís.
These statistics taken from The Bahá'ís magazine.

Statistical Information on the Bahá'í Faith

by Bahá'í International Community

published in The Bahá'ís, page 7
Growth in the Institutions of the Bahá'í Faith

National Spiritual Assemblies125681113125149172
Local Spiritual Assemblies7083,3795,90217,03723,63419,48617,780
Localities where Bahá'ís reside3,11711,09231,88369,541102,704112,137119,276
NOTES: Figures taken from P. Smith and M. Momen, "The Bahá'í Faith 1957-1988", p. 70 and The Bahá'í World, 1994-5, p. 317. The drop in the number of Local Spiritual Assemblies between 1979 and 1988 is accounted for by a major reorganization in 1987 in India where the area for each Local Spiritual Assembly was increased to cover more than one village. The result was a drop in the number of Local Spiritual Assemblies in India from 15,448 to 4,497. There have since been similar re-organizations in other countries.

Encyclopedia Britannica Year-Book statistics for the Bahá'í Faith, 1997

The Encyclopedia Britannica Year-Book for 1997 has produced the following statistics for the Bahá'í Faith:
Latin America722,000
North America357,000
Total for World6,404,000

Some Other (older) Statistics

Total number of Bahá'ís worldwidemore than 5,000,000
Number of independent countries where the Faith is established187
Dependent territories or overseas departments
where the Faith is established
Number of national or regional governing councils
(known as National Spiritual Assemblies)
Number of local governing bodies (local Spiritual Assemblies)18,232
Number of localities worldwide where Bahá'ís residemore than 116,000
Tribes, races and ethnic groups whose members are
represented in the Bahá'í world community
more than 2,100
Languages into which Bahá'u'lláh's writings have been translated800
Publishing Trusts26
Radio stations7
Literacy programs203
Other development projects670
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