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TAGS: Indigenous people; Interfaith dialogue; Native Americans
LOCATIONS: Alaska; Canada; Hawaii; United States (documents)
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Links to photographs and information from the 1910s to the present about Native Bahá'ís, both from the United States, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska, and indigenous Bahá'ís elsewhere around the world.

Native Bahá'ís:
Bios of past and contemporary Bahá'ís of native ancestry

compiled by Paula Bidwell
The following individuals — and many more — were presented in biography at
That site has gone offline, but it and all the links below are saved at

Name and tribe Link to bio
Charles W. Ryder - Assiniboine Saskatchewan
Charley Roberts - first Athabascan Bahá'í north of the Arctic Circle
Earl Healy - Blood (Kainai) Blackfoot Nation
Allan Prairie Chicken Pikuni
Edmund Many Bears - Siksika Blackfoot Nation
Contemporary Native Bahá'ís Cherokee/Lakota/Powhatan
Melba Whetung Loft - Ojibwe - Curve Lake
Phil Lucas, Choctaw Bahá'í
Mary Keali'i Kahumoku Tilton Fantom - First Native Hawaiian Bahá'í
Elizabeth Dahe (Daw-hee) the first Hopi Nation Baha’i
Early Lakota/Dakota Bahá'ís
Everett Nelson Greene (Ba' Bia-Tih) - Macah Bahá'í
Sam Bald Eagle Augustine - Mi'kmaq (Micmac) Bahá'í
Stephanie "Morning Fire" Mugford Fielding - Mohegan Nation
Howard McKinley - Diné (Navajo)
Chief Joseph - Nez Perce
Omaha Bahá'ís - First Native American Local Spiritual Assembly
Eli Whitney “Lowenlindahut” (Shot at) Powless - Oneida Nation
Jack Thorpe - Sac and Fox Bahá'í
Dorothy Maquabeak Francis - Saulteaux Nation
Andres Jachakollo - First Bolivian Baha’i - Aymara Tribe
James Wilbur Walton - Tlingit Bahá'í
Nipo Strongheart - Yakima Nation Bahá'í
Melba Call King - Yupik - First Native Alaskan Bahá'í
Owaleon Nash - Zuni Pueblo Bahá'í

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