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TAGS: Anisa Educational Model; Bahai Institute for Higher Education (BIHE); Curriculum; Education; FUNDAEC; Universities
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different current expectations about what should fall under the topic of "Bahá’í education"; three types of curricula (FUNDAEC, Anisa, BIHE) and their theoretical sources; these must be drawn together into a field of study; the importance of universities.
Webinar presented for the Wilmette Institute. Also online at

What Is Bahá'í Education?

by Filip Boicu

About: This webinar will expand on the chapter on Education from the collective volume The World of the Bahá’í Faith edited by Robert Stockman (2022).

The first part will highlight different current expectations about what should fall under the topic of “Bahá’í education”. The second part will explore the three types of curricula mentioned in the article (FUNDAEC, Anisa Model, BIHE) and their theoretical sources. The third part will propose that elements of a Bahá’í field of education can be discerned, however inchoately, but that serious effort must be undertaken for these to be drawn together and configured into a field of study. A general tendency for amnesia about previous contributions must make way for a wider and more inclusive process of gathering and ordering such contributions in a way that is mindful of their historical context and their significant achievements.

Finally, if time allows, the importance of universities as key elements of a global architecture of knowledge, and the essential role of such global architectures of knowledge in the 21st century, might also receive some treatment. (from

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