Chapter 12

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Consulted by the Author

(1) Non-Bahai Writers

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(2) Babi or Bahai Writers

By the Bab:
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By Baha Ullah
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"Ikan," "The Seven Valleys," "The Hidden Words," "Surat-ul-Hykl," "Words of Paradise," "Glad Tidings," Tablets--of the World, of Ishrakat, Tarazat, Tajallayat (Chicago).

By Abdul Baha:
      "The Episode of the Bab or the Traveller's Narrative" (trans. by Browne).
      "Tablets of Abdul Baha," Vol. I; Addresses in Paris, London and America;
      "Some Answered Questions," recorded by L. C. Barney; Letter to the Friends
      in Persia, etc. The Covenant or Will of Baha Ullah.

By Persian believers:
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      Martyrdoms in Persia in 1903," Haider Ali.
      "Epistle to the Bahai World," Badi Ullah.

By Western believers
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      "The Bahai Revelation," Thornton Chase.
      Before Abraham was, I am," Thornton Chase.
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Universal Principles of the Bahai Movement," and "Peace," and "The Covenant," C. M. Remey.
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Narratives, of Pilgrims to Acca:
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      The Bahai News, and The Star of the West, from 1910 to 1915.
      Reports :and Bulletins of the Persian-American Educational Society.
By Behaists:
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By Azalis:
      "Call to Behaists" (Nos. I, II and III), Stenstrand.

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