The Babi and Baha'i Religions: An Annotated Bibliography


1. Ahrar (1 1979): Published in Tehran by the Intisharat-i Kumita-yi Markazi-yi Junbish-i Azadi-bakhsh-i Baha'iyan-i Iran. [Is this authentic??]

2. Anon. A Reply to Rev. H.C. Gurney, C.M.S. MissionaryinPersia. Adelaide, S. Aust.: Baha'i's of Adelaide, (Adelaide, S. Aust.: Advertiser Printing Office). [4] p. n.d. [192-?].7.2277.

3. Badi' Allah, Mirza. [Untitled tract]. 57. n.p.: n.d. This untitled document is a recantation by Badi' Allah, a son of Baha' Allah, of his former allegiance to his brother Muhammad, and a declaration in favour of his half-brother 'Abbas.

4. Baha' Allah, Mirza Husayn 'Ali Nuri, 'Abd al-Baha', and Shoghi Effendi. The Onward March of the Faith -- see section x, item [under Scripture].

5. Banani, Amin. "'Religion or Foreign Intrigue; the case of the Babi-Baha'i movements in Iran'." In Thirty-first International Congress of Human Sciences in Asia and North Africa in Tokyo, Institute of Eastern Culture, 279-80, Year. A short refutation of the authenticity of the work known as 'Memoirs of Count Dolgoruki' [section x, item x]

6. Face of Opposition, The -- see section x, item xx [part III of The Power of the Covenant, under Admin.].

7. Garrida, Gertrude V. (comp.) and assisted by Gary L. Morrison. The Protective Shadow of His Word: A Compilation on Protection. 34, [10]. n.p. [USA?]: Garrida, n.d. [1980?]. Collins 7.2161.

8. Gulpaygani, Mirza Abu 'l-Fadl and Mirza Mahdi Gulpaygani. Kashf al-ghita' 'an hiyal al-a'da'. Tashkent: 1334?/1916. A lengthy book, the first part of which was left unfinished by Abu 'l-Fadl Gulpaygani on his death, the rest being finished by his nephew Sayyid Mahdi. Written at the request of 'Abd al-Baha', the book endeavours to prove that the Kitab-i nuqtat al-kaf published by Browne [section x, item xx] is a forgery and to 'correct' items of historical information in it. Although seriously flawed, the work has useful items of historical information. For details, see MacEoin, Sources, pp., 136-139.

9. Gulpaygani, Mirza Abu 'l-Fadl. Burhan-i lami' -- text with English translation. Also listed Apologetics.

10. Gulpaygani, Mirza Abu 'l-Fadl. "Kitab al-fara'id -- see section x, item xx [Exposition]." :

11. Haqi qat-Pizhu. A'in-i Baha'i yik nihdat-i siyasi nist (The Baha'i faith is not a political movement). 138. [Hofheim-Langenhain, Germany?]: NSA of the Baha'is of Germany, 1361 sh./1982. An informed response to the widely-repeated allegation that Baha'ism is merely a front for various political aims (Zionism, Western imperialism, etc.).

12. Ishraq Khavari, 'Abd al-Hamid. Aqdah al-falah. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Committee, 132 B.E./1975-76. Covers a wide range of criticisms of particular teachings, laws, or scriptural verses, found in various works of Muslim polemic.

13. Jawab-i likchur-i Jinab-i Qadiyani (Reply to a lecture by a Qadiani). Republished (?) as Jawab-i likchur-i Qadiyani, [1946, Delhi, NSA of the Baha'is of India and Burma], 52 pp. ed., 32. [Rangoon, Burma]: Matba' Humayuni, [1908]. A reply to an attack on Baha'ism by a member of the Ahmadi sect of Islam.

14. Kheiralla, Ibrahim G. "'Behaism, In Reply to the Attack of Robert P. Richardson'." The Open Court (Chicago) 29 (10 Oct. 1915): 633-40.11.606 On Richardson's attacks, see item x

15. Khurasani, Haji Mirza Hasan. Risala-yi bushra wa aya-yi kubra [The epistle of glad tidings and the most great sign]. 27. Cairo: Hindiyya Press, 9 Rajab 1316/30 November 1898. An account of the events leading to the death of Mirza Yahya Isfahani, a former Azali who embraced the cause of 'Abbas Effendi's rival, Mirza Muhammad 'Ali. Details and quotations are given in Browne, Materials, pp.158-67.

16. MacEoin, Denis. "'Oriental Scholarship and the Baha'i Faith'." World Order (Wilmette, Ill.) 8 (New Series) (Summer 1974): 9-21. The first of the author's published articles, written while still a Baha'i and studying at Edinburgh university. Recapitulates much standard Baha'i criticism of the work of Browne and others, finding it inaccurate because it does not measure up to Baha'i criteria of historical truth. More or less the reverse of the author's later stance. Very weak in parts.

17. MacEoin, Denis. Islamic Studies :A letter correcting many of the errors in Naqavi's article on Babism and Baha'ism [Section x, item xx] in a previous issue of the journal.

18. Martin, Douglas. "'The Missionary as Historian: William Miller and the Baha'i Faith'." World Order (Wilmette) 10 New Series (Spring 1976): 43-63. A Baha'i defence instigated by publication of Miller's second full-length attack on the movement [item x], refuting historical and doctrinal criticisms from an orthodox Baha'i viewpoint. Reprinted in Three Studies on Baha'i History, in Baha'i Studies series, vol.4, Toronto, 1977, pp.1-29 [check if it is the same].

19. Martin], Anon [Douglas. "'The Power of Understanding Part IV: ?????????????'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (219 May 1968):

20. Na'im, [Mirza Muhammad Sidihi Isfahani]. Istidlaliyya-yi Hadrat-i Mirza Na'im. Jellygraph ed., 136. Najafabad, Iran: Musamma-Parast, Children's Committee of Najafabad, [between 85-89 B.E. /1928-33]. A discussion of the fulfillment of Islamic prophecy by one of the best known Baha'i poets, written in reply to attacks from Hajj Mirza Hasan Safi ' 'Ali Shah (d. 1316/1898), a Ni'mat Allahi Sufi leader resident in Tehran. (Baha'i World vol. 4 states that this work was published in Tabriz in two vols between 1911 and 1912, but this may be in error for a two-volume work of Na'im's poetry [section x, item xx].) This composite volume also contains poems by Na'im, Baha' Allah, and Qurrat al-'Ayn (see sections x and x, items xx and xx). c/r apologetics.

21. National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Germany. Nama-yi sar-gushada-yi Mahfil-i Milli-yi Alman khitab-bi dawlat-i I ran (An open letter from the NSA of Germany to the government of Iran). Listed UK BPT.

22. Spiritual Assembly of Malaysia (comp.). In Defence of the Faith. 39, [28]. n.p. [Kuala Lumpur]: National Spiritual Assembly of Malaysia, 1983. Collins 7.1260.

23. [Gulpaygani], Mirza Abul Fazl [Mirza Abu 'l-Fadl]. The Brilliant Proof -- see under Apologetics, item x.

24. [Martin, Douglas ]. "'The Power of Understanding Part V: The Sources of Baha'i History'." Candian Baha'i News [?] (220 June 1968): 5-6. A rather simplistic attempt to categorize sources for Babi and Baha'i history, in order to clarify the reliability of information used in anti-Baha'i publications. Emphasizes the role of Browne, Gobineau and others as basic sources for many later accounts. Unusually for a Baha'i exposition (and in contrast to Martin's own later viewpoint), Browne's work is seen as more valuable for its independent stance.

25. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part I:?????" Canadian Baha'i News [?] :The first of a series of articles examining attacks on Baha'ism, concentrating on Western, mainly Christian, polemic.

26. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part II: The Baha'i Faith and the Christian Churches'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (217 February-March 1968): 5-6. Attempts to explain the motivation for Christian attacks on Baha'ism in terms of declining church influence and the failure of missionary efforts in the Near East. Distinguishes between early 'embittered tirades' by Christian opponents and later 'more carefully written attacks'.

27. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part III: The Spiritual Revolution'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (218 April 1968): 5. Examines the Baha'i doctrine of revelation as a preliminary to discussing ways in which Christian opponents have misunderstood Baha'i teaching.

28. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part IX: 'Abdu'l-Baha and the Social Teachings of the Faith'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (224 November 1968): 5-6. Deals with the criticism that 'Abd al-Baha' modified original Baha'ism by introducing social and political teachings derived from western sources.

29. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part VI: What is History?'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (221 July 1968): 5-6. Calls into question the possibility of truly objective historiography, contrasting this with the perfections of Shoghi Effendi's 'inspired' history God Passes By [Section x, item xx].

30. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part VII: The Station of the Bab'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (222 August 1968): 5-6. Examines the criticism levelled against the Baha'is that they have diminished the station of the Bab, a misunderstanding that the author traces to E.G. Browne and his contacts with Azali Babis.

31. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part VIII: The Station of Baha'u'llah'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (223 September-October 1968): 5-6. Argues that the Bab predicted the imminent appearance of Baha' Allah, but that many were led astray by the 'betrayal' of Mirza Yahya Subh-i Azal. Contains a fairly standard Baha'i polemic against Azal and his followers, with little understanding of the historical facts.

32. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part X: The Unity of the Faith'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (225 December 1968): 5-7. Deals with the issue of internal divisions and how the Baha'i covenant protects the faith from permanent schism. The survey of sectarian developments ('covenant-breaking') is wholly orthodox in both sources and explanations.

33. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part XI: The Laws of Baha'u'llah'." Canadian Baha'i News (226 January 1969): Examines criticisms of Baha'i legislation.

34. [Martin, Douglas]. "'The Power of Understanding Part XII: Conclusion'." Canadian Baha'i News [?] (227 February-March 1968): 5-7. A general summing up of the nature and possible future trend of opposition to Baha'ism from within the Christian churches.

35. [National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Iran]. Bahthi dar radd-i yad-dashtha-yi maj'ul muntasib bi-Kinyaz Dolgoruki. 2nd.; 1st. ed. as Jawab bi-sul'alat-i maj'ula-yi kinyaz Dalgurki, Tehran, NSA of the Baha'is of Iran, 102 B.E./1946, 82 pp. ed., 125. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Committee, 129 BE/1972-73. An extended response to the forged 'Memoirs of Count Dolgoruki' [section x, item xx], first published in 1942-43. The introduction to the second edition cites a number of non-Baha'i writers who have condemned the Memoirs as a forgery.

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