The Babi and Baha'i Religions: An Annotated Bibliography

Literary (Listings)

1. 'Abdi, B. M. Gulzar-i 'ishq (The rose-garden of love). 224. Hofheim-Langenhain: Baha'i-Verlag, 1989. Poems.

2. 'Andalib, (Mirza 'Ali Ashraf Lahijani). Divan-i 'Andalib. 756 pp. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 126/1970. A full collection of poems by 'Andalib (dates), the best known of the early Iranian Baha'i poets.

3. Albert, J. D. The Touchstone of Sincerity. Oxford: George Ronald, 1986. A novel recounting the experiences of a Baha'i doctor in Iran under the Islamic revolution.

4. Atherton, Gertrude. Julia France and Her Times. London: 1912. A novel whose heroine travels to Acre in Palestine in order to meet the Baha'i leader 'Abbas Effendi. The author, an American, does not appear to have been a convert.

5. Ayyam-i mubaraka (Holy days). Listed UK BPT FAR655 (poetry).

6. Bala'i ghayati (My calamity is My providence). Listed BPT UK FAR640 (poetry).

7. Barney, Laura Clifford. God's Heroes. xii, 106. London; Philadelphia: Kegan Paul Trench Trubner & Co.; Lippincott, 1910. Collins 7.529 A lavishly-decorated, much-idealized drama based on leading figures in the Babi movement, here portrayed as heroic trailblazers of a new age. On the author, a well-known early American Baha'i (d.1974), see in memoriam notice, The Baha'i World vol. xvi, pp. 436-38.

8. Bayda'i, Ni'mat Allah Dhuka'i. Tadhkira-yi shu'ara-yi qarn-i avval-i Baha'i -- see under biography.

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10. Bihi zad, Jalal. [Title from my library]

11. Brown, Vinson. Songs of the New Dawn. Naturegraph, Poems on the New Age from a Native American viewpoint. Illustrations by Franklin Kahn and Dawn Little Sky.

12. Brown, Vinson. The Returning and the Song of the Prophet. Naturegraph, Two poems on the spiritual springtime and trials of the prophets.

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30. Further references. "JS Hatcher, From the Auroral Darkness: add to biography." :

31. Garlington, William N. Fire and Blood. 213. Pioneer Paperbacks, Los Angeles: Kalimat Press, n.d. [1984]. Collins 7.1038 A novel of early Babism, with little historical veracity.

32. Greatness of the Local Spiritual Assembly, The: A Dramatic Sketch for Five Readers and One Other. 5. n.p. [Victoria, Cameroon]: [National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Cameroon], n.d. [1981]. Collins 7.1079 c/r administration.

33. Grinevskaya, Isabella. Bab, dramaticheskaya poema [The Bab, a dramatic poem]. St. Petersburg: 1903. This drama in five acts was performed in St. Petersburg in 1904, and again, after the February Revolution, in April 1917. For details of the author, see Momen, The Babi and Baha'i Religions, pp. 50-51, 503.

34. Grinevskaya, Isabella. Beha-ulla, poema tragedui v stikhakh. St. Petersburg: 1912.This drama was written at the request of Nicolas Zazuline, following her earlier poetic tragedy on the Bab (item x). For details of the author, see Momen, The Babi and Baha'i Religions, pp. 50-51, 503.

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37. Hatcher, John S. From the Auroral Darkness: The Life and Poetry of Robert Hayden. xii, 342. Oxford: George Ronald, 1984. Collins 7.1138 A biographical and literary study of an important black American poet, much of whose work was inspired by his Baha'i beliefs. C/r to biography.

38. Hatcher, John. Conversations. 208. Oxford: George Ronald, 1988. Fictional story of Hasan, who comes to live in Palestine during World War I.

39. Khavari, 'Abd al-Hamid (ed.). Ash'ar-i Jinab-i Na'im va sharh-i an, mawsum bi Jannat-i Na'im (The poems of Na'im, together with a commentary on them, known as the Paradise of Na'im). vol. 1, 494 pp.; vol. 2, 229+4 pp. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 130/1974; 131/1975. This is a short version of a full edition and commentary on the 'poems of guidance' written by the well-known Baha'i poet Na'im (Mirza Muhammad Sidihi), 1372/XXXX-1334/XXXX (see Bayda'i [item x], vol. 3, pp. 379-94 and ff.). Ishraq Khavari's edition is preferable to that of the standard text of the Gulzar-i Na'im (item x).

40. Khurshid dar Siyah Chal (The sun in the Siyah Chal). Listed UK BPT FAR660 (poetry).

41. Marangella, Philip A. Baha'u'llah. 2. Nikoo, Japan: Asia N. T. C. [National Teaching Committee], 1955. Collins 7.1503 A poem.

42. McCann, Paul. "Review of Roger White, Another Song, Another Season (item xxx)." Quarry 30 (1 Winter 1981): 74-78.Collins 7.2731.

43. Misbah, 'Aziz Allah. Divan-i Misbah. 367+29 pp. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 122 B.E./1966. The collected poems of Misbah (1876-1946), an administrator of the Baha'i schools in Tehran.

44. Muhlschlegel, Adelbert. Gedichte (Poems). 107. Hofheim-Langenhain: Baha'i-Verlag, 1977.

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46. Na'im, Mirza Muhammad Sidihi Isfahani. Ahsan al-taqwim, ya Jannat al-Na'im. 320. Delhi: 'Abd al-Husayn Na'imi, 117 B.E./1961. The standard text of poems by Na'im, whose work is largely devoted to the demonstration of the truth of the Baha'i cause. This edition contains a short biography by Muhsin Na'imi. For a better edition, see Ishraq Khavari (item x).

47. Na'im, Mirza Muhammad Sidihi Isfahani. Ash'ar-i jadid (New poems). 19, 23, 136. Najafabad, Iran: Musamma-Parast, Children's Committee of Najafabad, [between 85-89 B.E./1928-33]. This composite volume also contains Baha' Allah's Mathnavi-yi ma'navi, Na'i m's Istidlaliyya, and poems by Qurrat al-'Ayn (see sections, x and x, items xx and xx).

48. Na'im, Mirza Muhammad Sidihi Isfahani. Ash'ar-i Jinab-i Aqa Mirza Na'im (Poems of Na'im). [Tabriz?]: n.d. [1911-1912], reprinted 86 B.E./1929-30, Tehran, Shirkat-i Matbu'at-i Amri.

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50. Na'im, Mirza Muhammad Sidihi Isfahani. [Tarkib-band = Ahsan al-taqwim]. Earlier printings in jellygraph and related formats. ed., 320. Bombay: Mihriban Shahriyar Surush Maryamabadi Yazdi, 84 B.E./1306 Sh./1927. This represents the first properly printed edition of Na'im's two-part apologetic poem (a tarkib-band), subsequently published in other editions. The volume includes other poems by the author.

51. Nakhjavani, Bahiyyih. Four on an Island. Oxford; George Ronald, viii, 1 36 p. Literary study of the four Baha'is who were exiled to Cyprus in 1868 and how their exile is a metaphor for each individual's internal spiritual and psychological exile from his true self. 1983.7.1620.

52. Natiq, Mirza Muhammad Ardistani. Divan-i Natiq. 376+5 pp. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 124 B.E./1968. Collection of the poems of Mirza Muhammad Natiq Ardistani (1881-1937) (see Bayda'i [item x], vol. 3, pp. 392 ff.).

53. Nayyir wa Sina, [Sayyid Muhammad Nayyir Sidihi and Sayyid Isma'il Sina Sidihi Isfahani]. Naghma-yi naw (A new song). 35. [Tehran]: 1310 Sh./1931-32. Poems by two brothers (d. 1327/1909 and 1336/1917 respectively).

54. Nayyir wa Sina, [Sayyid Muhammad Nayyir Sidihi and Sayyid Isma'il Sina Sidihi Isfahani]. Tasanif-i amri (Writings on the cause). 31. [Tehran]: [Baha'i Teaching Committee for Tehran], n.d. [193-?]. Poems by two brothers.

55. Omotoso, Adedayo. "'A White Poet with a Vision of Africa'." Trust (Oct. 1982): 27-28. Collins 11.765 Study of Dorothy Lee Hansen, a Baha'i poet.

56. Pesechkian, Nossrat [Nusrat Pizishkian]. [The Merchant and the Parrot]. Also in a Portugese edition, O Mercador e o Papagaio, Editora Papirus, Brazil ed., Sao Paulo, Brazil: Editora Baha'i do Brasil.

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60. Qa'ini, Muhammad. Qasida-yi ta'iyya (Ode rhyming in the letter 't'). 128. Tehran: Baha'i Publishing Committee, 120 B.E./1963-64.On Qa'ini, see Balyuzi, Eminent Baha'is pp. 112-15.

61. Qurrat al-'Ayn. Ash'ar-i gawharbar-i mazluma Hadrat-i Tahira (Gem-sprinkling poems of the oppressed one, her holiness Tahira [Qurrat al-'Ayn]). 19, 23, 136. Najafabad, Iran: Musamma-Parast, Baha'i Children's Committee of Najafabad, [between 85-89 B.E./1928-33]. This composite volume also contains works by Baha' Allah and Na'im (see sections x and x, items xx and xx).

62. Rawhani, Ghulam-Rida'. Naghmaha-yi rawhani (Spiritual songs). 129. [Tehran]: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 119 B.E./1962-63.

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65. Sabri, Shirin (ed.). Abiding Silence: An Anthology of Poems in Honour of the Baha'is of Iran. 66. Ottawa, Ont.: Association for Baha'i Studies, Poems by 27 Baha'i poets, mainly on the theme of persecution.

66. Sabri, Shirin. "'The Purpose of Poetry'." The Journal of Baha'i Studies (Ottowa, Ont.) 1 (1 '1988-89):

67. Saint-Quentin, A[nge-Pierre-Guillaume Ouvre] de. Un amour au pays des mages (Les Myste'res du babisme). Reissed 1896 ed., Paris: Calmann Levy, 1891. For some details of the author, a junior colleague of Gobineau, see Momen, The Babi and Baha'i Religions, pp. 49-50, 521.

68. Savage, Cindy. Nothing in Common. Wilmette, Ill.: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1988. Fictional account of a young woman's search for truth and her discovery of the Baha'i faith.

69. Shahadat wa shahamat (Martyrdom and courage). Listed UK BPT FAR670 (poetry).

70. Shaykh al-Ra'is, Abu 'l-Hasan Mirza. Muntakhab al-nafis az athar-i... Shaykh al-Ra'is. 218. Tehran: Kitabfurushi-yi Mahmudi, 1312 sh./1934. A collection of poetry, preceded by an autobiography (pp. 2-26) by Abu 'l-Hasan Mirza, a Qajar prince who converted to Baha'ism but also involved himself in the struggle for constitutional rights. The material has no overt Baha'i content, but it is of value for any assessment of Shaykh al-Ra'is himself.

71. Stevens, E.S. The Mountain of God. 380. London: Mills & Boon, 1911.Collins 7.2476 Novel set in Acre, Palestine, at the time of 'Abbas Effendi, involving him and the Baha'i community. The author (d. 1972) was better known as Lady Drower, the author of several important works on the Mandean religion of Iraq. Part of The Mountain of God were serialized in World Order magazine [details]

72. Stevenson, Don and Hugh Featherstone (verse) Blyth. The Wonderlamp. [43]. Los Angeles: Kalimat Press, [1983]. Collins 7.2477 Based on a fable related by the 'Hand of the Cause' Abu 'l-Qasim Faizi.

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74. Voices: a poetry magazine, Huntingdon Beach, Calif., Golden West College, 1991, 47 pp. (Issue II).

75. von Najmayer, Marie. Gurret-ul-Eyn: Ein Bild aus Persiens Neuzeit [Qurrat al-'Ayn: a picture of the new era in Persia]. Vienna: 1874. An epic poem in six cantos in celebration of the Babi heroine Qurrat al-'Ayn, inspired by reading Gobineau (item x).

76. Wells, Bruce. From Discontent: The Biography of a Mystic. 204. Oxford: George Ronald, 1985. Collins 7.2689 Fictionalized account of a Baha'i convert.

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84. Wolf, Hellmuth. Pilgrim des neuen Zeitalters [Pilgrim of the new age]. Karlsruhe-Radolfzell: 1928. A novel with thoughts from the Baha'i Teachings' (BW III, p. 241).

85. [Zarandi], Mulla Muhammad 'Ali Nabil. Mathnavi-yi Mulla Muhammad 'Ali Zarandi. 112'. [Cairo]: [al-Matba'a al-'Arabiyya bi Misr], [1924]. A well-known historical poem in 1038 verses by the author of Nabil's Narrative (section x, item xx). The published text is accompanied by an account of the death of Baha' Allah and Arabic poems written on that event by non-Baha'i poets. c/r history.

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