The Babi and Baha'i Religions: An Annotated Bibliography

Subh-i Azal

1. Huart, Clement. "'Notes sur trois ouvrages Babis'." Journal Asiatique (Paris) 10 (8e`me serie 1887): 133-44. Description of three works by S|ubh-i Azal, including his Kitab al-nur.

2. Subh-i Azal, Mirza Yahya Nuri. Majmu'a'i az athar-i Nuqta-yi Ula wa Subh-i Azal (See section x, item xx).

3. Subh-i Azal, Mirza Yahya Nuri. Mustayqiz. [Iran]: [Privately published by the Azali Babis], n.d. A well-known polemical work written by Subh-i Azal in the 1850s, largely to refute the claims of a rival contender for the leadership of the Babi community, Mirza Asad Allah Khu'i Dayyan. The work is turgid, its chief points of interest being the extensive quotations from works of the Bab and, in particular, Dayyan, the latter not being recorded elsewhere.

4. Subh-i Azal, Mirza Yahya Nuri. Mutammim-i Bayan. [Iran]: [Azali Community of Iran], n.d.The original Persian Bayan [item xx] was left unfinished by the Bab; intended to run to 19 sections, each of 19 chapters, it ends at section 9, chapter 10. The Bab's successor, Subh-i Azal, produced this continuation as far as section 11, chapter 9. The present text is reproduced from a MS in the hand of the author.

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