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Publishing Houses and Journals

see also Guide to finding Baha'i Books online

Below are listed the few Bahá'í Publishing Trusts, Associations for Bahá'í Studies, and independent publishing houses and journals that publish material the reader might find useful. The list of Bahá'í Publishing Trusts is not complete, but only details those whose publications have been cited in the Resource Guide; complete listings of all but the independent houses are included in every recent edition of The Bahá'í World. Most of the below will fulfill orders or provide catalogues upon request.

[Note: be careful to distinguish between the number "1" and the letter "l" in the email addresses.]

Arts Dialogue  Homepage:                 Arts Dialogue, produced by the Bahá'í          
http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/7324/      Association for the Arts (BAFA), is a          
For subscriptions, write:  Kathleen      quarterly newsletter of news, letters,         
Babb  Kirikushi, Etajima-cho             profiles, articles, illustrations,             
Aki-gun, Hiroshima-ken 73721,            photographs, poems and creative writing from   
Japan  Email: kbabb@gol.com  Cost:       around the globe. The purpose of the           
equivalent US$20 year                    newsletter is to develop the arts across all   
                                         disciplines and cultures, to follow what       
                                         artists and arts-related people are doing,     
                                         and to provide an opportunity to exchange      
                                         ideas and a forum for the analysis and         
                                         critique of the arts.                          

Association for Bahá'í Studies:          The Australian ABS publishes occasional        
Australia  c/o Natalie                   collections of ABS articles and essays.        
Mobini-Kesheh, secr.  P.O. Box 4239                                                     
University of Melbourne  Parkville                                                      
VIC  3052  Australia                                                                    

Association for Bahá'í Studies:          The Association for Bahá'í Studies: English    
English Speaking Europe For              Speaking Europe (ABS-ESE) publishes the        
subscriptions, write:  The               Bahá'í Studies Review, which contains          
Secretary, ABS-ESE  Rutland Gate         articles of about the same level of            
London  SW7 1PD    England               scholarly interest as the Journal of Bahá'í    

Association for Bahá'í Studies:          The North American ABS is the first and        
North America For both                   largest of the world's Associations for        
subscriptions and editorial              Bahá'í Studies. Its journal, the Journal of    
matters, write:  34 Copernicus           Bahá'í Studies, is the preeminent academic     
Street  Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 7K4         journal of the Faith.                          
Canada   Phone: (613) 233-1903  Fax                                                     
(613) 233-3644  Email:                                                                  

Bahá'í Book Collectors: Jon and          "Jon and Chris Hendershot: Bahá'í Book         
Chris  Hendershot  1039 Ninth            Collectors" is an online meeting place for     
Street  Manhattan Beach, CA              collectors of Bahá'í books, magazines,         
90266, USA  Email:                       pamphlets, and ephemera in English. They       
jcdhender@loop.com  Homepage:            help organize book auctions, coordinate        
http://www.loop.com/~jcdhender/          collectors, and provide "want" and "for        
                                         trade" lists for those seeking hard-to-find    

Bahá'í Booksource International         The Bahai Booksource International features    
5755 Rodeo Rd.  Los Angeles, CA          the largest selection of Bahá'í books          
90016, USA  Telephone:                   available, in a variety of languages. They     
(213)933-8297  Fax: (213)933-1820        carry over 4,000 different items in 91         
Email: bbi@booksource.org               languages, as well as various gift items.      
Homepage: http://www.booksource.org                                                     

Bahá'í Distribution Service For          The Bahá'í Distribution Service is the         
catalogues or orders, write:  5397       central book warehouse and distribution        
Wilbanks Rd.  Chattanooga, TN            service in the United States. Most books       
37343  Phone: (800) 999-9019  Fax:       cited in the guide can be purchased from       
(423) 843-0836  Email:                   them.                                          

Bahá'í Publishing Trust: Australia       The Australian BPT produces, among other       
For subscriptions to Herald of the       things, editions of compilations of the        
South, write:  Bahá'í Publications       sacred writings. Their magazine, Herald of     
Australia  P.O. Box 285  Mona Vale       the South, includes general articles on the    
NSW 2103  Australia  Phone: (02)         Faith and often features essays on or          
9913 1554  Fax: (02) 9970 6710           photographic essays of greater Oceania.        
General correspondence, write:  GPO                                                     
Box 283  Canberra  ACT 2610                                                             
Australia  Fax: 61 (0)6 247 2943                                                        
Email: bahaipub1@peg.apc.org                                                            

Bahá'í Publishing Trust: Brazil          The Brazilian BPT produces some Persian and    
Editora Bahá'í Brasil  Rua Conego        Arabic editions of the sacred writings.        
Eugenito Leite, 350  05414 Sao                                                          
Paolo  SP - Brazil  Phone:                                                              

Bahá'í Publishing Trust: Germany         The German BPT produces much original          
Bahá'í-Verlag  Eppsteiner Strasse        scholarship and Persian and Arabic editions    
89  D-65719 Hofheim  Germany             of the sacred writings.                        
Phone: 49-(6192)-2292   Fax:                                                            
49-(6192)-992999  Email:                                                                

Bahá'í Publishing Trust: United          The UK BPT occasionally publishes works of     
Kingdom  6 Mount Pleasant  Oakham        interest to scholars.                          
Leicestershire LE15 6HU  England                                                        
Phone: 44-(1572)-722780   Fax:                                                          
44-(1572)-724280 For sales, write:                                                      
sales@bahaibooks.co.uk For                                                              
editorial matters, write:                                                               

Bahá'í Publishing Trust: United          The US BPT produces, among other things,       
States For general correspondence,       World Order magazine, which is "intended to    
contact: Phone: 1-(708)-2511854          stimulate, inspire, and serve thinking         
Fax: 1-(708)-2513652  Email:             people in their search to find relationships   
bpt@usbnc.org For World Order            between contemporary life and contemporary     
editorial matters, write:  World         religious teachings and philosophy" (World     
Order  415 Linden Avenue  Wilmette,      Order statement of purpose). Its essays are    
IL  60091  Email:                        academic but not always solely on the Faith.   
worldorder@usbnc.org For World                                                          
Order subscriptions, write:  World                                                      
Order Subscriber Service  Bahá'í                                                        
National Center  Wilmette, IL                                                           

Bahá'í Studies Bulletin                  The Bahá'í Studies Bulletin, a publication     
                                         of scholarship, provisional translations,      
                                         and occasional correspondence from the         
                                         Universal House of Justice, was published      
                                         from 1982 to 1993. Back issues or reprints     
                                         of articles are not available as of the        
                                         moment. However, a reprint series of most of   
                                         the old Bulletin articles, as well as a new    
                                         journal called Abhá: A Journal of              
                                         Bábí-Bahá'í Studies, will soon be launched     
                                         by Stephen Lambden's Hurqalya Publications.    

Crimson Publications For general         Crimson Publications is best-known for         
correspondence, write:  P.O. Box         Multiple Author Refer System (MARS), usually   
1613  San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693      known as REFER, the PC computer databases of   
Phone: (714) 240-2092  Fax: (714)        all English writings of the Bahá'í primary     
240-9599  Email:                         figures. They offer databases for the          
crimson@compuserve.com  For REFER        writings of the Báb, Bahá'u'lláh,              
orders, contact either Crimson           'Abdu'l-Bahá, Shoghi Effendi, and major        
Publications or the Bahá'í               compilations, and soon may be releasing a      
Distribution Service                     database of the secondary sources of           
                                         Taherzadeh's The Covenant and the Revelation   
                                         of Bahá'u'lláhseries, Balyuzi's biographies   
                                         of the central figures, Nabíl's                
                                         Dawn-Breakers, and Lights of Guidance.         
                                         Crimson also publishes Bahá'í software         
                                         designed by private developers.                

Deepen magazine Tsavo West Bahá'í        The Tsavo West Bahá'í Institute is a           
Institute  P.O. Box 6081  Wilmette,      non-profit organization dedicated to the       
IL  60091-6081  Phone: (312)             research, publication, and dissemination of    
274-6593  Email:                         materials in support of the Bahá'í Faith.      
tsavowest@earthlink.net Webpage:         Its quarterly journal, Deepen magazine,        
http://home.earthlink.net/~tsavowest/    publishes both popular and somewhat            
                                         scholarly articles and includes teaching       
                                         materials such as posters and clip art in      
                                         each issue.                                    

dialogue: A Quarterly Journal            dialogue was produced by a group of Bahá'ís    
Exploring the Implications of the        in Los Angeles publishing independently. Its   
Bahá'í Faith for Our Time.   write       focus was "a more dynamic engagement with      
to Kalimát Press, below, for             contemporary intellectual, social,             
ordering back issues.                    religious, political, and cultural currents    
                                         of thought and action." (1:1, p.2) Only six    
                                         issues, between 1986 and 1988, were            
                                         produced. Some of these back issues can be     
                                         ordered from Kalimát Press (see below).        

George Ronald  46 High Street            George Ronald is a major publisher of          
Kidlington  Oxford, England  OX5         secondary Bahá'í books. They produce a great   
2DN  Email:                              variety of both popular and academic books.    
sales@grpubl.demon.co.uk For orders                                                     
within the US, write:  8325 17th                                                        
Street North  St. Petersburg, FL                                                        

Institute for Bahá'í Studies in          The Institute for Bahá'í Studies in Persian    
Persian  P.O. Box 65600  Dundas,         produces many study materials and monographs   
Ont.  L9H-6Y6  Canada  Phone: (905)      in Persian, and occasionally publishes         
628-3040  Fax: (905) 628-3276            Persian and Arabic editions of the sacred      
Email: IBS@bcon.com                      writings. Currently they are reprinting the    
                                         Athár-i-Qalam-i-A'lá series.                   

Images International   5010 Austin       Images International carries Bahá'í            
Rd.  Hixon, TN  37343-3913  Phone:       audio-visual products, including deepening     
(423) 870-4525  or  (800) 470-4525       tapes and books on tape, as well as special    
Fax: (423) 870-4774  Email:              materials like t-shirts.                       
tenelex@chattanooga.net  Homepage:                                                      

Kalimát Press   Email:                   Kalimát Press is a small company dedicated     
KalimatP@aol.com  Webpage:               to the publication of books and other          
www.kalimat.com Editorial matters,       materials on the Bahá'í Faith. It has          
write:  1600 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite       produced over 100 titles since its founding    
34  Los Angeles, CA  90025  Phone:       in 1978, focusing on Bahá'í history,           
(310) 479-5668  or  (800) 788-4067       scholarship, translations from Persian, and    
For orders, write:  Publishers           Bahá'í childrens' materials. Kalimát           
Services  P.O. Box 2510  Novato, CA      publishes the series Studies in Bábí and       
94948  Phone: (415) 883-3530  Fax:       Bahá'í History and -Religions, cited           
(415) 883-4280                           extensively throughout this guide.             

Landegg Academy  CH-9405                 Landegg Academy has published a few useful     
Wienacht/AR  Switzerland   Tel:          materials, such as proceedings of              
41-71-891 91 31  Fax: 41-71-891 43       conferences. Its main service is as one of     
01  E-mail: info@landegg.org             the major centers of Bahá'í studies in         
Homepage:                                Europe. Landegg also provides a listserv of    
http://www.landegg.org/landegg/          Landegg-related news. Write to                 
                                         info@landegg.org, in the subject line write    
                                         "subscribe," and leave the body of the         
                                         message blank.                                 

Naturegraph Publishers  P.O. Box         Naturegraph specializes in books on natural    
1075  Happy Camp, CA  96039  Phone:      history, crafts, wildlife, and Native          
(916) 493-5353  Fax: (916) 493-5240      American studies. They also carry a            
Email: naturgraph@aol.com                selection of Bahá'í books on a variety of      

One Country  One Country  Bahá'í         One Country is published quarterly by the      
International Community  Suite 120       Bahá'í International Community, an             
866 United Nations Plaza  New York,      international NGO (non-governmental            
New York  10017  Phone:                  organization) which represents the worldwide   
212-803-2543  Fax: 212-803-2566          membership of the Faith. Its articles          
Email: 1country@bic.org  Homepage:       include a great deal of news about United      
http://www.onecountry.org/               Nations activities and Bahá'í development      
                                         projects around the world.                     

OneWorld Publications For editorial      OneWorld's logo is "Books for Thoughtful       
matters, write:  185 Banbury Road        People." They publish a wide selection of      
Oxford, England  OX2 7AR  Phone:         books on the Faith, both academic and          
01865-310597  Fax: 01865-310598          popular. As well, they publish or reprint      
Email: oneworld@cix.compulink.co.uk      many scholarly works on other religions,       
For orders within the US, write:         mysticism, science, psychology, and other      
P.O. Box 7  New York, New York           topics.                                        
10024  Phone: (202) 799-3854  Fax:                                                      
(212) 799-7116                                                                          

Palabra Publications  3735 B Shares      Palabra publishes a variety of teaching and    
Place  Riviera Beach, FL  33404          deepening materials, including occasional      
Phone: (561 ) 845-1919  Fax: (561)       compilations from the writings of              
845-0126  Email: palabrapub@aol.com      Bahá'u'lláh or the Universal House of          
                                         Justice. They also carry Library 2.1, a        
                                         software program similar to REFER but          
                                         designed for Macintosh.                        

Special Ideas  2900 W. Bristol Dr.       Special Ideas is a company founded to help     
Bloomington, IN  47404  Phone:           provide Bahá'ís with low-cost teaching         
(800) 326-1197  (812) 876-3742           materials. They sell introductory teaching     
Email: seeker@indiana.edu, or            aids such as games, posters, pamphlets,        
bahai@bluemarble.net  Webpage:           displays, t-shirts, and books, and offer       
www.special-ideas.com  Seekernet         free advice and teaching tips. Special Ideas   
1-800-seekernet (800-733-5376)           also sponsors Seekernet, a free information    
Webpage: http://bahai.seeker.net         service. Those investigating the Faith can     
                                         call 1-800-Seeker-Net (800-733-5376) to get    
                                         a free packet of introductory literature on    
                                         the Faith and the number of a Bahá'í           
                                         community local to their area.                 

Unity Arts Inc. Nine Pines               Unity Arts is the central Bahá'í book          
Publishing  26 Concourse Gate            distribution service for Canada. They carry    
Nepean, Ont. K2E-7T7  Phone from         both a full selection of Bahá'í material and   
both US and Canada:  (800)               as well certain non-Bahá'í items such as       
465-3287, or  (613) 727-6200  Fax:       children's books. They and their Nine Pines    
613- 727-3704  Email:                    division also publish original books and       
Unityarts@aol.com                        manufacture audio-visual and special           

University Microfilms International      UMI has copies of most master's theses and     
300 N. Zeeb Rd.  Ann Arbor Michigan      doctoral dissertations done in North America   
48106  Phone: (313) 761-4700  or         and many foreign ones as well. Almost all      
(800) 521-0600                           unpublished theses listed in this guide can    
                                         be purchased from them. Average cost is        
                                         around US$30-50.                               

Whitcomb Publishing, Inc  32            Whitcomb Publishing produces both Bahá'í and   
Hampden Street  Springfield, MA          non-Bahá'í books designed to help apply        
01103  Phone: (800) 354-1789 or          Bahá'í principles to contemporary world        
(413) 737-9630  Email:                   issues. Their latest series of works is on     
paulrobbin@aol.com                       Bahá'í solutions to the problem of racism.     

White Cloud Press  P.O. Box 3400         White Cloud Press has published books of       
Ashland, OR  97520  Phone/fax:           interest to Bahá'í scholars but not directly   
(541) 488-6415  Email:                   on the Faith, including works of Háfiz and     
sscholl@jeffnet.org  Webpage:            T. Izutsu; J. Cole's and J. Walbridge's        
www.jeffnet.org/whitecloud               translations of K. Gibran; anthologies of      
                                         essays on religion and mysticism; and Wisdom   
                                         of the Master, a new compilation of the        
                                         writings of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, forthcoming.         

White Mountain Publications

Box 5180, R. R. #2 New Box 1178                        White Mountain Publications carries both
New Liskeard, Ontario  P0J-1P0  Canada                 deepening and teaching materials, such as
Phone, toll-free from within Canada only:              study guides, compilations, and some
(800) 258-5451, or from elsewhere:                     historical material, and organizational
(705) 647-5424  Fax: (705) 647-8366                    aids, such as planning calendars.                                                                                         
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