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The essential text for students of Iranian literature through the ages.
This series was first published in 1902-06 by Unwin and later reprinted by Cambridge University Press in 1956-1959. Some of these PDFs were scanned by in 2011, where they can be downloaded in other formats (see archive); others were scanned by Duane Troxel in the 1990s. The text versions below are not edited or proofread; they are simply text extracted from the PDFs.

For the Babi/Bahá'í period, see Volume 4.

Literary History of Persia:
Volumes 1-4

by E. G. Browne

London: T. F. Unwin, 1902
Vol. 1, 1909 edition: PDF [13 MB]
Vol. 1, 1956 edition: PDF [23 MB]text
Vol. 2, 1906 edition: PDF [14 MB]
Vol. 2, 1956 edition: PDF [23 MB]text
Vol. 3, 1928 ed., scan 1:PDF[26 MB]text
Vol. 3, 1928 ed., scan 2:PDF[38 MB]  
Vol. 4, 1959 edition: See
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