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PowerPoint for live Zoom book launch of Bahá’í Faith: The Basics (Routledge, 2020), hosted by the Desert Rose Bahá’í Institute, on February 26, 2021; includes brief book excerpts.
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Baha'i Faith: The Basics:
Presentation for Book Launch

by Christopher Buck

Reviews: (see presentation below)

Endorsement by Todd Lawson, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Thought, University of Toronto, Canada:

    “This excellent, beautifully organized introduction provides an accurate and unusually rich entré into a relatively new and still somehow frequently misunderstood religion. The author, Christopher Buck, is a leading scholar of the Bahá’í religion. His book is richly enhanced with quotations from official translations of the Bahá’í sacred writings, insights into the formation of distinctive Bahá’í institutions and rare glimpses of key moments in Bahá’í intellectual history from an introduction to the influential African American Bahá’í philosopher, Alain Locke (d. 1954) known as ‘the father of the Harlem Renaissance’, to a discussion of the more recent development of the Ruhi Institute process. This introduction goes beyond existing textbooks in both scope and detail. It will be warmly welcomed by researchers and students of the Bahá’í Faith.”
Book review by Jack McLean, Independent Scholar, Ottawa, Canada:
    “One outstanding feature of this book … is its contemporary relevance. Even well-informed readers could not possibly be fully aware of the overview presented by Buck of all the multifarious activities taking place in the Bahá’í world community. … Buck’s treatment of the material is throughout well-researched, and rich in the detail that an alert reader expects. In sum, despite its unpretentious title, this book is more than the Basics of the Bahá’í Faith. … it presents a complete contemporary picture of the remarkably diverse economic, social, and spiritual activities …by the Bahá’í community in all countries of the world.” (From
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