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TAGS: Baron Rosen; Bisharat (Glad Tidings); Edward Granville Browne; Proclamation; Reform
LOCATIONS: Cambridge; United Kingdom
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The Lawh-i-Bishárát as a Proclamatory Aqdas and public announcement of principles from 'The Most Holy Book'; a proclamation to scholars and statesmen; Cambridge manuscripts from the E.G. Browne Collection; response to modernity; Persian original.
Presentation at Grand Canyon Bahá'í Conference, Phoenix Arizona, December 24 2012.

See also Buck's article Bahá'u'lláh's Bishárát (Glad-Tidings): A Proclamation to Scholars and Statesmen.

Tablet of Glad-Tidings:
A Proclamation to Scholars and Statesmen

by Christopher Buck and Nahzy Abadi Buck


Note from Cambridge Orientalist Edward Granville Browne, on the manuscript copy of the Tablet of Glad-Tidings
(in its original Persian/Arabic text), sent to Browne from ‘Akká by order of Bahá'u'lláh in January, 1891.

Click to download: buck_tablet_glad-tidings_grand-canyon.pdf [10 MB].
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