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Includes a Persian translation of the original article.
"Islam & Minorities" is somewhat different from previous literature on the plight of the Baha'is in Iran in that it was first presented to Islamic studies scholars (many of whom are professing Muslims) at an Islamic studies conference held in May 1993 at the University of Victoria, and then published in a proceedings volume as a special issue of an academic Islamic studies journal. This publication, in fact, takes a decidedly different approach. It speaks directly to Muslims, with the clear message that "the Baha'i question" is really a test case for whether Islam can legitimately claim to respect human rights today. Because the Baha'i situation in Iran has become so internationalized (one might say, "politicized"), Islam's reputation in the West is now at stake. So I am appealing to the enlightened self-interest of Muslim academics - and Muslims generally - who care deeply about how Islam is seen in the West. It is my hope that this article will contribute not only to raising awareness about the pejorative plight of the Baha'is in Iran, but may offer a slightly new approach to conflict-resolution of this unrelenting problem - especially when Baha'is revisit this issue in various public fora.
Written in English and Persian.

Islam and Minorities: The Case of the Baha'is

by Christopher Buck

published in Studies in Contemporary Islam, 5.1–2, page 83–106

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