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TAGS: African Americans; Alain Locke; Philosophy; Race (general); Race amity; Race unity
LOCATIONS: United States (documents)
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Presentation in slide format about the "First Black Rhodes Scholar."
Presented at American Association of Rhodes Scholars, Howard University, Washington DC (September 24, 2007), on the occasion of the "Alain Locke Centenary." See

See an article on this same topic, and see other items about Locke linked from

Alain Locke:
'Race Amity' and the Bahá'í Faith

by Christopher Buck

This invited presentation was given on the occasion of the Alain Locke Centenary Program, hosted by the Association of American Rhodes Scholars, held at Howard University in Washington DC on September 24 2007, before an audience of some 200 American and Caribbean Rhodes Scholars. The Centenary highlights Alain Locke's historic achievement as the first African-American Rhodes Scholar in 1907, and this presentation highlights Alain Locke's formal involvement in the historic (and arguably radical) Bahá'í “Race Amity” efforts during the Jim Crow era. Alain Locke joined the Bahá’í Faith in 1918, the same year that he was awarded his PhD in philosophy from Harvard University.
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