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TAGS: Disconnected letters of the Quran; Interfaith dialogue; Islam; Nineteen (number); Numerology; Quran
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Critique of Rashad Khalifa's (disputed) study purporting to find a "deep structure" of 19 in the Qur'an.
Winner of the Baha'i Studies prize for student writing awarded by the Association for Baha'i Studies of North America.

This version updated by Mike Thomas, 2020, with added footnotes and cleaned-up text; also available in Word format.

Disconnected Letters of the Qur'an and the Significance of the Number 19

by Robert T. Cameron


Photos of Robert Cameron
(provided by author's four children)

ABS Ottawa, 1982, "John Robarts Award" winners; Robert Cameron is on the far left.

ABS Plenary Session audience; Cameron is in the crowd in the for larger picture

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