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TAGS: Equality; Gender; Human rights; Media; Persecution; Persecution, Human rights; Persecution, Iran; Prejudice; Reform; Women
LOCATIONS: Iran (documents)
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Discussion from the Foreign Policy Centre in London on the religious, legal, and social obstacles to equality faced by women, Bahá'ís, and Kurds in Iran; comparing the experiences of these groups; evaluating actions of the Iranian government (91 pages)

A Revolution without Rights?:
Women, Kurds and Baha'is searching for equality in Iran

by Geoffrey Cameron and Tahirih Danesh

London: Foreign Policy Centre, 2008-11
Date: Tuesday 25 November, 2008, 6.15-7.45pm

Venue: Wilson Room, Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament, Victoria Embankment, London SW1A 2LW


  • Mike Gapes MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Select Committee
  • Baroness Afshar OBE, Professor of Politics and Womens' Studies, University of York
  • Kaveh Moussavi, Head of Public Interest Law, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford
  • Nazanin Afshin-Jam, President of the Stop Child Executions Campaign and Iranian Recording Artist

Chair: Stephen Twigg, Director, Foreign Policy Centre

The Foreign Policy Centre launched a new pamphlet, 'A revolution without rights? Women, Kurds and Bahá'ís searching for equality in Iran', written by Geoffrey Cameron and Tahirih Danesh on 25 November. In the pamphlet, the authors examine the religious, legal and social obstacles to equality faced by women, Bahá'ís and Kurds in Iran, comparing the experiences of the groups. They also evaluate the Iranian government's compliance with its own constitution and look at how Iran's treatment of women and minorities measures up to the international agreements it has signed. The pamphlet lays out practical steps that British and European policy-makers can take to support the equal treatment of women and minorities with their fellow citizens in Iran.

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