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Two poems:
"A Portrait of Time" and "Surrender"

by Vahid Chittleborough

published in The Family: Our Hopes and Challenges
Roseberry: Association for Bahá'í Studies Australia, 1995

"A portrait of time"

The Days watch her from the wall:
where has all the time gone?
it mocks
Smitten by her conscience
she replies,
"I've been fighting things I could not see"
Have you ever lived?
She hesitates,
kindling a fear,
haunted by the shadows of her anxieties
as they dance to that mocking call:
where has all the time gone?
Her eyes heedlessly search the room
Suddenly something evokes her attention -
a remnant from her youth
Looking at the days on the wall,
she smiles and softly intones:
"I know where all the time has gone
for I have lived."



Sentimental tears
will not wash away
the uncertainty tomorrow brings,
nor will the evanescent memory
of yesterday censor this new story
as it unfolds

The ambivalent shadow
darkens this nascent horizon
as night encroaches
upon the most distant ships
before they reach their destined port
Yet they traverse faithfully
ocean's vast expanse
until harbour lights
illumine their path,
signalising the journey's end

As luminaries above guide
the most distant ships
Divine light leads
the most troubled souls
Surrender unto it...for this story
beckons to be told.
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