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TAGS: Helen Clevenger
LOCATIONS: Asheville; North Carolina; United States (documents)
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Personal letters to Ella Robarts, the National Spiritual Assembly, Horace Holley, and others; article "The Riddle of the Slain Co-ed" from Insider Detective.

Select Clevenger Archives, 1926-1936

edited by Steven Kolins
About: Helen Clevenger (1917-1936) was murdered in Asheville, North Carolina. The spectacle of the murder through to the execution of the accused was in multiple kinds and audiences of media both then and recently but her affiliation with the Bahá’í Faith was usually not mentioned. Increasing scholarly review has strongly suggested the wrong man was executed for her murder and serves as an example of racist injustice. However her life was itself little studied previously. These are some relevant archival materials to assist scholars. These materials were gathered thanks to Steven Kolins and the archives footnoted in the pdf. This document will be updated as new information becomes available. See

The article at the end of the PDF, "The Riddle of the Slain Co-ed" by Tom K. Brown and Douglas R Elder, was published in Inside Detective - Every Story True, 3:6, December 1936, pp10-15, 46-48 (Dell Magazines, Norwalk, CT).

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