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TAGS: Interfaith dialogue; Islam; Stanwood Cobb; Turkish culture; Young Turks
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Reflections on three years spent in Turkey during the rise of the Young Turk Party and the downfall of Abdul Hamid; the character of the Turkish, their temperament, and their way of looking at life.
Regarding this book, Cobb later wrote "The results of my study of Islam and of the Turk were published in book form in 1914 by the Pilgrim Press under the title The Real Turk — a book which almost lost the liberal-minded manager of the Pilgrim Press his job. For it was the first book that had appeared in America sympathetic to the Turk and to Islam." (from Character p. 23)

The Real Turk

by Stanwood Cobb

Boston: The Pilgrim Press, 1914
Version 1, from Archive: cobb_real_turk_archive.pdf [16 MB].
Version 2, from Google: cobb_real_turk_google.pdf [29 MB].
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