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All 8 issues of a journal for Bahá'í librarians and archivists.


edited by William Collins
    Scriptum originally appeared online at (preserved at, where it had this description:
    Scriptum is the newsletter of the Bahá'í Librarians and Information Professionals Network. William P. Collins, former director of the Bahá'í World Centre Library, edits the newsletter and coordinates the loosely organized network. There is as yet no subscription or membership fee. Scriptum is reviewed before publication by the Literature Review Office of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States.
    The Bahá'í Librarians and Information Professionals Network transformed into the World Association of Bahá’í Librarians and Archivists. These groups are not currently operating as identifiable entities. [-W.C., 2018]

    Click on either "PDF" or "HTML" below to download the full issues. The PDFs were provided by Collins for posting here and are nicely formatted. The plain HTML links to

No. 1 (April 1995)PDFHTML
No. 2 (July 1995)PDFHTML
No. 3 (October 1995)PDFHTML
No. 4 (January-June 1996)PDFHTML
No. 5 (July-December 1996)PDFHTML
No. 6 (January-December 1997)PDFHTML
No. 7 (January 1998-June 1999)PDFHTML
No. 8 (July 1999-December 2001)PDFHTML
Four articles from Scriptum have been posted separately online:
    Computers in the Bahá'í Community through Ridván 1992 by by Bryn Deamer and Steven Kolins (1992)

    Digital Archiving at the Bahá'í World Centre Library by Bahá'í International Archives (1999)

    Enormous Expansion in Access to Knowledge by Judith Oppenheimer (1995)

    International Bahá'í Library and the Library of Alexandria by William P. Collins (1996)

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