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TAGS: Abrogation and confirmation of laws; Body; Burial (general); Chanting; Cremation; Death; East and West (terminology); Gender; Gender pronouns; Gradual implementation of laws; Greatest Name; Illiteracy; Interracial marriage; Laws; Memorization; Non-Bahai relatives; Prayer; Prayer for the dead; Qiblih; Questions and answers; Recordings; Respect; Rings; Soul; Terminology; Transportation; Unity; Will and testament (general); Words and phrases
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Applicability of laws; preparations for burial; prayers and services; cemeteries, graves, and tombstones; exhumation; honoring the dead; cremation and miscellaneous issues.
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See also Baha'i Burial.

Baha'i Burial and Related Laws

by Bahá'u'lláh, Shoghi Effendi, and Universal House of Justice

compiled by Research Department of the Universal House of Justice.
Bahá’í Publications Australia, 2020
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