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Compilation of tablets translated and published in Book 1 of the 1978 reprint of Star of the West, which contains all of Vol. 1, March 1910, and Vol. 2 to Number 11, September 1911.
This is a selection based on my [Sen McGlinn's] own interests, not a comprehensive electronic version. It is intended primarily as part of a broader project of preparing searchable electronic versions of all of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's works which have been translated in English. I have however included some pilgrims notes and reports relating to `Abdu'l-Bahá. The spelling in the original is often idiosyncratic, but I have corrected only a few obvious typesetting errors.

Tablets of Bahá'u'lláh and `Abdu'l-Bahá from Star of the West

by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá

compiled by Sen McGlinn
published in Star of the West, Book 1
George Ronald, 1978
date of original: 1910-1911
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Table of Contents to tablets from Star of the West Book 1 vol. 1
  1. A tablet by Baha'o'llah to the Persian Zoroastrian Bahais
  2. Tablet from Abdul-Baha, revealed and sent to all parts of the world
  3. The the maid-servant of God who is firm in the Covenant, Mrs. Corinne True
  4. Tablet sent by Abdul-Baha for Convention read by Mrs. Eva Webster Russell
  5. Tablets read by Mr. Hannen at the convention
  6. Extract from a Tablet to his honor Ebn Abhar
  7. Prayer read at the opening of the convention session on Tuesday April 26
  8. Prayer in Bahá'í Prayers, US edition, pp 139- 40; translation there differs
  9. HE IS GOD!: O ye Spiritual Friends of Abdul- Baha!
  10. Tablets revealed to the School of Tarbiat
  11. To the officers of the Persian-American Educational Society
  12. Words from Bahá'u'lláh's Lawh-i-`Abdu'l- Vahab in relation to the death of one of the friends
  13. Tablet from Abdul-Baha: To Mrs. Louise R. Waite, Chicago, Ill
  14. O ye merciful friends...! Your blessed photograph was received...
  15. Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab to the friends of Buffalo, N. Y
  16. Through Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, to the Bahai Assembly of Cleveland, Ohio
  17. Through Mirza Ahmad, to the friends and maidservants of God, Sandusky, Ohio
  18. Extracts from a Tablet to a California Believer
  19. O thou seeker after the knowledge of numbers!
  20. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Believers of God in Persia
  21. Tablet revealed by Abdul-Baha regarding the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar
  22. to the Editors of the BAHAI NEWS
  23. Talk No. 1 — Haifa, May 10, 1910
  24. Talk No. 2 — Haifa, May 13, 1910
  25. Talk No. 3 — Haifa, May 15, 1910
  26. Talk No. 4 — Haifa, May 18, 1910
  27. Notes taken and letters written by Mr. Charles Mason Remey and Mr. Howard C. Struven
  28. Words were revealed by Abdul-Baha in a Tablet to the Persian believers
  29. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Spiritual Assembly of Baltimore, Maryland
  30. Interview with Abdul-Baha from a letter written by a Mrs. Crockett to Miss Frances Johnson
  31. Extract from a Tablet to a believer in Persia regarding the progress of the Cause in the Occident
  32. Reports on the death of an infant child and the burial service
  33. Words of Abdul-Baha to Friends in America
  34. Tablet to one of the friends at Cincinnati, O
  35. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Beloved of God in Teheran, Persia
  36. to his honor, Mr. MacNutt — Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El-ABHA
  37. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Believers in Systan, Persia
  38. News from Germany. Tablet from Abdul- Baha
  39. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Members of the Spiritual Assembly of Esphahan, Persia.
  40. The Mashrak-El-Azkar in America
  41. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Believers of God in Ghalé Darré, Persia
  42. Tablets from Abdul-Baha Stating the Conditions Requisite for His Coming to America
  43. Tablets from Abdul-Baha to the Friends of God and the Maid-Servants of the Merciful in New York City
  44. Tablet revealed by Abdul-Baha to the Star of the West
  45. Message from Abdul-Baha to "The Christian Commonwealth."
  46. The Mashrak-El-Azkar in America: Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. Corinne True
  47. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the Editors of the STAR OF THE WEST
  48. Recent Tablets from Abdul-Baha to Madame Aurelia Bethlen
  49. Through Dr. Fareed to the near maid-servant of God, the daughter of the Kingdom, Marie Watson
  50. to Dr. Ameen U. Fareed: Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH-EL-ABHA!
Table of Contents to tablets from Star of the West Book 1 vol. 2
  1. Tablet in regard to the important matter of sending two teachers to the School of Tarbiat
  2. Tablet to the Board of officers, in answer to a supplication written by the Corresponding Secretary
  3. New Year's Greeting from Abdul-Baha
  4. Tablet from Abdul-Baha to the attracted maid-servant of God, Mrs. Corinne True
  5. Tablet Revealed By Baha'o'llah to the Sultan of Turkey
  6. Tablet from Abdul-Baha: O thou Star of the West!
  7. The Difference Between Material Civilization and Divine Civilization: Tablet to Mr. Arthur S. Agnew
  8. Extract from Recent Tablet to the Friends in Khorassan, Persia
  9. Tablet to the American Friends from Abdul- Baha
  10. Record of Third Annual Convention of Bahai Temple Unity
  11. Prayer at the closing of the convention
  12. Brief Answers to Seven Questions: Tablet from Abdul-Baha
  13. Recent Tablets from Abdul-Baha
  14. To the believers of God and the maidservants of the Merciful, Philadelphia
  15. Tablet to Mrs. Cecilia M. Harrison, Chicago
  16. Tablet to the Bahais of England from Abdul-Baha
  17. The Mashrak-El-Azkar in America. Tablet from Abdul-Baha
  18. Portion of A Recent Tablet to Mrs. I. D. Brittingham
  19. Portions of Tablets from Abdul-Baha
  20. Four Questions and Answers
  21. Recent Tablets from Abdul-Baha to Mr. Thornton Chase
  22. to the attracted maid-servant of GOD, Miss Juliet Thompson
  23. Reprinted from the Christian Commonwealth, Aug. 2, 1911]
  24. Letter from 'abdu'l Baha to the First Universal Races Congress
  25. Tablets from Abdul-Baha. Translated by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
  26. Extract from a Tablet concerning the STAR OF THE WEST
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