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Compendium of stories and testimonies from the many friends who shared life and Faith with this renowned teacher to the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. Includes five pages of poetry, at end.
Posted with permission (personal email, 2021/06/21):
    "In response to your letter of May 13, 2021, requesting permission to include the digital book Los Recuerdos de los amigos del Consejero Raúl Pavón Mejía in the Bahá’í Library Online, the National Assembly is pleased to authorize the publication of the book.

    Regarding copyright, this book is a compilation of stories and photos from friends in the community that were requested by the National Spiritual Assembly of Ecuador through Mr. Ralph Dexter for the 25th anniversary of the passing of Counsellor Pavón. We are attaching a complete version of the book..."

Language: Spanish.

Recuerdos de los amigos del Consejero Raúl Pavón Mejía:
Padre de la enseñanza a los indígenas en Ecuador

by Various

compiled by National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Ecuador
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'í of Ecuador, 2008
About: [Translation of page 2, "Introducción," by Google Translate]:

A year ago [2007] the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Ecuador called on people who had the privilege of meeting Counselor Raúl Pavón to send us their memories, impressions, stories and photos of this outstanding and self-sacrificing servant of Bahá'u'lláh to offer a compilation of these memoirs on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his passing. A wave of tender accounts of the extraordinary experiences they had in the field of teaching with him and the influence he had on their lives was received from Raúl's friends.

We have interwoven these accounts in more or less chronological order and by topic, to give the reader a glimpse of the extraordinary ability, charisma, focus and vision of this general in Bahá’u’lláh’s army. This has allowed us to preserve these inspiring memories and to compile some of his guidance on preparing and organizing teacher teams, direct teaching to large numbers of people, and the use of radio and other mass media for the propagation of the Faith and the development of the community in general.

It was necessary to edit the stories to avoid redundancy and maintain a certain level of clarity, coherence, conciseness and uniformity of style; however, a great effort was made not to change the original meaning, or add anything. Throughout the text, the source of each contribution is identified, highlighting the author's name in bold (for example, Isabel Pavón Mejía). Raúl's direct quotes are presented in italic text (for example, “Everything had thought it could be, except a teacher").

We owe a great debt to Isabel de Calderón and Clemencia de Zuleta, Raúl's sisters, for their excellent work begun so many years ago, which constitutes the core and foundation of this work of love. [Asamblea Espiritual Nacional de los Bahá’ís del Ecuador, septiembre 2008]

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