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Nature of the Bahá'í family and standards of behavior, and how they are influenced by the broader Bahá'í community and its value-based social network.
Thesis for Master of Arts in the Faculty of Human and Social Development, University of Victoria.

Document online with permission at

The Faith Community as Extended Family:
The Influence of Shared Spiritual Values as Experienced by Bahá'í Families in the Cowichan Valley

by Kenneth Paul Cooper

Abstract: This is an exploratory study on the community context of family life, using in depth group interviews to examine the perceptions of Bahá'í adults, children and youth about how the Bahá'í community influences their family life. The study provides a glimpse into the nature of the Bahá'í family; addresses the influence which dominant beliefs or life perspectives have on standards of behavior; and articulates a community paradigm which provides a value-based social network that is organized to provide diverse and challenging experiences and which holds the potential to do so in a more deliberate manner. The findings suggest that the influence between the family and religious community can be reciprocal and mutually beneficial, giving access to additional human resources grounded in common values and principles, and thereby extending, supporting and strengthening the family.
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