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Features Bahá'ís and their Faith in situations many will recognize as mirroring their own spiritual battles.
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Breathe Not the Sins of Others:
A Tale of Suspense

by Stephen D. Dighton

page 292
Xlibris Corporation, 2000

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Paula McKenzie asks herself one night what she's doing still working in the county jail after twenty-five years on the night shift. She could have retired a year ago to tend her garden and travel around the country with her husband. Yet here she is giving CPR to someone most people would say doesn't deserve the time of day, much less a second chance at life.

During the next--and worst--three days of her life, she will question her decision to stay with ever increasing wonder as she deals with two suicides and one attempt, accusations of negligence, a Grand Jury investigation, and a new, irrationally hostile boss.

For support and assistance, she turns to her husband and their Bahá'í community. Their counsel helps her deal with all the turmoil that surrounds her, but they cannot help her on her fourth and final day.

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