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A presentation of the principles of the Bahá'í Faith as lived by an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation.
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Locked In:
A Medical Mystery

by Stephen D. Dighton

Xlibris Corporation, 1996/2000

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Blink twice for help...

Something strange has gripped the residents of Douglas County, Oregon. One by one several people and even whole families have literally fallen down in what looks like a coma. It's horrifying for those untouched by the disease to see their loved ones fall beside them mid-word without any warning and without any discernible reason,. It's much more terrifying for the victims, however, than anyone realizes because the victims aren't in a coma. They are fully conscious, aware of their surroundings, and able to do only two things on their own--breathe and blink. They have Locked In Syndrome, a kind of living death in which they can see, hear, taste and feel, but cannot even twitch their nose.

Senior Public Health Nurse Nancy Brandauer has the task of finding out what happened to these people and what will bring them out of it before their condition becomes irreversible. Her quest is motivated by something much deeper than her commitment to her profession, great though that is. Her motivation springs from the very core of her soul because her only daughter is one of the victims.

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