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John Henry Wilcott:
A Pioneer Twice Over

by D. Llewellyn Drong

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Chapter 5

Bibliography and Acknowledgements

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Thanks to the following people:

Ms. Gail E.N. Drong, my wife, who originally proposed this paper to me and supported me during several days of preparation and writing.

Mr. Alastair L. Drong, my son, who provided the technical support in training my computer to obey instantly, exactly and completely.

Ms. Kay Maloney, my friend of Great Falls, Montana, who arranged contacts with Wilcott family members and provided me with the raw material from the National Bahá'í Archives.

The National Bahá'í Archives of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States, without whose offices the priceless materials of our national Bahá'í history would be hopelessly unavailable.

The Butte Bahá'í Archives of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Butte, Montana and Ms. Betty Bennett, the Assembly secretary whose services were likewise beyond valuation.

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