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TAGS: Evil (general); Forces of light and darkness; Hooper Dunbar; Integration and disintegration; Spirit (general); Tests and difficulties; Unity
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Six lectures series at Bosch Bahá'í School, April 15-17 2011.
See also Dunbar's dialogue article "Forces of Our Time" (1986), and his lecture series from 1991 Forces of Our Age.

Audio approved for distribution by Marilyn Dunbar.

Forces of Our Time:
Lecture Series

by Hooper Dunbar

1.Download MP3 file [11 MB, 23 min.]Introduction of Mr. Dunbar, by Chad Jones (Dunbar begins at 19:40)
2.Download MP3 file [22 MB, 47 min.]"Forces of Our Time" lecture one
3.Download MP3 file [22 MB, 47 min.]"Forces of Our Time" lecture two
4.Download MP3 file [27 MB, 58 min.]"Forces of Our Time" lecture three: serving with the Hands of the Cause, Ruhiyyih Khanum, and the suffering of Shoghi Effendi
5.Download MP3 file [30 MB, 63 min.]Questions and Answers
6.Download MP3 file [19 MB, 40 min.]"Forces of Darkness," about defeating the forces of darkness by infusing our souls with the forces of light
7.Download MP3 file [26 MB, 55 min.]Questions and Answers and farewell
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