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64 documents collected by Maxie Jones covering a wide variety of topics and sources: pilgrims' notes, letters of Shoghi Effendi, convention reports, Tablets, hymns, compilations, talks of Ruhiyyih Khanum, personal letters of early Bahá'ís.
See also Walter and Emma Jones Bahá'í Archive Photo Album. See also the Dwight Barstow Collection.

PDFs optimized and OCRed, and proofread Word documents prepared, by Mike Thomas (2021).

Emma Maxwell (Maxie) Jones Collection

compiled by Emma Maxie Jones and Ernie Jones

Emma Jones, Escondida CA, 1954
About: These documents are from my mother Emma (Maxie) H. Maxwell Jones (1906 - 1986). She was known to all of the early Bahá'ís as "Maxie"; she only started using "Emma" after she married my dad in 1932. She became a Bahá'í sometime around 1926 in Hawaii. She corresponded with many of the early Bahá'ís such as John and Louise Bosch, Agnes Alexander (who may have taught her the faith), Elizabeth Greenleaf, Mami Seto, Sadie Ellis, John & Valera Allen and many others. Her correspondence was sent to the National Archives many years ago. Both my parents spent their last years living and teaching on and off the Arizona and New Mexico Indian reservations and died in Cottonwood Arizona. The originals of the following documents are in the U.S. National Bahá'í Archives.

Other than the "Universe Chart," which was posted online here in 1998, to my knowledge none of the documents included in the transcriptions I have done are online or have been published — though there are obviously some of the documents (not yet transcribed) that have been published in earlier times.

The file collins_notes_visit_haifa has a backstory: The copyist was Z. A. S. = Zahra A. Schoeny of Phoenix Arizona. She was well known everywhere for having her small manual typewriter in front of her working away - copying these documents, as there was no other way to disseminate information in those days. I can remember her with her little portable typewriter wherever she went. Here is her picture under the Big Tree at Geyserville for the annual celebration of John Bosch's birthday in 1932: zahra_schoeny_1932.jpg. [-E.J., 2021]

Table of Contents

Filename Title Author Date
1 See questions_answers_bahai_administration Twenty-four questions and answers in Bahá'í administration. Study Outline Committee ?
2 See alexander_notes_41st_convention Excerpts from Agnes B Alexander's notes on the Annual Bahá'í Convention Agnes Alexander April 28, 1949
3 See abdul-baha_extract_tablet_palmistry Extract from a tablel regarding palmistry (see also Barstow collection dwight_barstow_collection_000-050.pdf, p. 3, which includes additional remarks by Shoghi Effendi) Abdul Baha Abbas ?
4 See abdul-baha_tablet_shoghi-effendi_1902 Tablet of Abdu'l-Bahá to Shoghi Effendi Dr. Zia M. Bagdadi Sep. 16, 1932
5 See finks_synopsis_administrative_order Synopsis Bahá'í administrative order Oni A. Finks after Bahá'í News #64
6 See alexander_notes_shoghi-effendi_1937 Notes of Shoghi Effendi's words taken at the dinner table in the Pilgrims House in Haifa, April 22nd to May 12th, 1937 Agnes B. Alexander April 22 - May 12 1937
7 See dudley_excerpts_notes_haifa Excerpts of notes by Alice Dudley of Orleans, France, during pilgrimage to Haifa April 15, to 23, 1957 Alice Dudley April 15 - 23 1957
8 See shane-devin_extracts_notes_acca Extracts from notes taken at Acca, Oct 1907 by Aline Shane-Devin Aline Shane Devin Oct. 1907
9 See collins_address_bahais_la Address to the Bahá'ís of Los Angeles, California July 12, 1954 by Mrs. Amelia Collins Amelia Collins July 12, 1954
10 See grossmann_shoghi-effendi_haifa_1937 In the presence of Shoghi Effendi in Haifa in April 1937 Mrs Anna Grossman & Elsa Grossman April 1937
11 See notes_third_intercontinental_conference Notes from 3rd Intercontinental Conference 1958 May, USA National Convention ? May 1958
12 See appreciations_bahai_faith_1972 Appreciations of the Bahá'í Faith ? Sept. 1972
13 See letter_faizi_lineberger Excerpted letter from Mr. Faizi to Linenberger family (some of the references to the Hidden Words used in these notes are not very clear) Mr. Faizi ?
14 See lamb_haifa_notes Haifa Notes of Artemus Lamb Artemus Lamb Oct 21, 1953
15 See lamb_talk_west_hollywood Informal talk by Mr. Artemus Lamb before the West Hollywood Bahá'í Community Artemus Lamb Nov 4, 1953
16 anonymous_bahai_era_chart.pdf Bahá'í Era Chart (page 38 of ?) ? After 1969
17 See anonymous_bahai_hymns_explanations The Bahá'í hymns. ? ?
18 See waite_hymns_peace_praise Bahá'í hymns of peace and praise. See also Temple Song and Louise R Waite (Shahnaz) 1908
19 See references_teachings_concerning_christ The Bahá'í teachings concerning Christ ? ?
20 See khanum_letter_west_1924 A letter from Bahiyyih Khanum Bahiyyih Khanum March 30, 1924
21 See anonymous_book_revelations_explanations This talk was likely given by a very knowledgeable early Baha’i scholar due to this statement in the text, “It is beyond the limits of this short essay“, and his/her extensive knowledge of Eastern history. The use of A.B.A. indicates that the person doing the hand correcting, was also an early Baha’i because that was the name commonly used for 'Abdu'l-Bahá, particularly by the Persians. Date & compiler unknown ?
22 See kahn_reaching_teaching_indians Clinics and task force discussions (#17 - Reaching and teaching the Indians) Mr. Franklin Kahn April 27, 1967
23 See evans_contacts_teaching_committee Contacts; prepared by National Teaching Committee Winston Evans ?
24 See lindfoot_notes_1933_convention Supplementary notes (1933 convention) Lottie Lindfoot 1933
25 See dispensations_time_scriptural_references Dispensations of time – scriptural references ? ?
26 See anonymous_divine_plan_skit The Divine Plan – (skit) (Zarha Schoeny of Phoenix AZ is one of the narrators so this would have been dated before 1943) ? before 1943
27 See getsinger_letter_brittingham_1916 A copy of a letter written by Edward Getsinger (read before the Washington D.C., Baha’i Assembly, April 16, 1916). "Mrs. B" is probably Isabella Brittingham. E.C. Getsinger April 1, 1916
28 See notes_third_intercontinental_conference Notes taken by Emma Jones of Escondido California at the 3rd session of the Intercontinental Conference, Sunday the 4th of May, 1958 in Chicago Ill. Emma Jones May 4, 1958
29 See furutan_authenticity_will_abdul-baha Proofs of the authenticity of the Will and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Bahá 'Ali Akbar Furutan Dec, 1974
30 See maxwell_greatest-name_abdul-baha_fazl Elucidation of the meaning of the Greatest Name by 'Abdu'l-Bahá and Mirza Abu'l Fadl May Maxwell ?
31 See group_dynamics_compilation_study Group dynamics ? After 1953
32 See group_dynamics_compilation_study Group freedom, leadership, strength ? ?
33 See lsa-haifa_friends_east_west To the Friends, throughout the East and the West, through the Spiritual Assemblies (page 27 of ?) Haifa LSA Feb, 1938
34 See coy_hidden_words_index Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh (This was course given at Green Acre Baha’i School, 1955. Dr Genevieve L. Coy who conducted this course has generously shared it with American National Teaching Committee, and has given permission for us to share it with the Area Teaching Committees, and the believers, generally. We are issuing it to the Area Teaching Committee, 1956.) Dr. Genevieve L. Coy Mar 10, 1956
35 See mazandarani_holy_mariner The Holy Mariner (copied from Dr. E.C. Getsinger’s copy - 1935 Jan. 8) Jenabi Fazl (Jináb-i-Fáḍil-i-Mázindarání) Before Jan 8, 1935
36 See holley_spiritual_spring Spiritual Spring - a talk given by Horace Holley, temple foundation hall, Naw Ruz 1956 Horace Holley Naw-Ruz 1956
37 See mccormick_way_study_kitab-iqan A new and effective way to study the Kitab-i-Igan (prepared by Marjorie McCormick Geyserville Baha’i School July 1958) Margery McCormick July, 1958
38 See marshall_convention_report_1927 Convention Report (Taken from the report of Lucy Jane Marshall, delegate from San Francisco, to the 19th Baha’i Convention, held in Montreal Canada, May 19th, 1927. This is the first convention of the Baha’is to be held in Canada.) Lucy Jane Marshall May 19th, 1927
39 anonymous_making_decisions.docx
Possibly a study guide used by Emma. Nothing is known about this document, other than it appears someone wrote the document numbers and T or F on the back with a carbon on the front. ? ?
40 See maxwell_notes_guardian_guardianship Words Written by beloved May Maxwell which she permitted me to copy - Agnes Alexander May Maxwell Copied Oct. 1949
41 See collins_notes_visit_haifa Notes taken from a talk given by Mrs Collins about her months visit in Haifa (Copied by Zahral A. Schoeny. I can remember her with her little portable typewriter wherever she went. [-E.J.]) Millie Collins Copied 2/10/1938 Z. A. S.
42 See khanum_dream_monaver Dream of Monaver Khanum Monaver Khanum ?
43 See anonymous_dynamics_navajo_ceremonial A comparative of dynamics in Navajo ceremonial and the Bahá'í World Faith ? ?
44 See mckinney_perpetual_bahai_calendar Perpetual Bahá'í calendar (Published by Bahá'í Publishing Committee U.S.A. The 7 x 9 inch Perpetual Calendar is printed on plate finish paper and glued to a cardstock backing.) Dr. Morgan Edna McKinney ?
45 See teaneck-nj_progressive_revelation_chart Progressive revelation (authorized by NSA). Date unknown (possibly 1940-1950s); a digitized version was prepared in 2005. See also a picture of my father, Walter Jones, teaching in the Gallup Bahá'í center during the 1960s, who likely used this chart as inspiration for his own chart for teaching the native People. Teaneck NJ LSA 1940s-50s?
46 See crist_return_christ_compilation The return of Christ Mrs. Gene Crist After Bahá'í News #118
47 See khanum_address_wilmette_1953 Public address of Ruhiyyih Khanum (1953 Conference in Wilmette) Ruhiyyih Khanum 1953
48 See khanum_first_canadian_convention To the Delegates and Friends attending the First Canadian National Bahá'í Convention. This document compared with, and supplement with information from, the copy online at Ruhiyyih Khanum 1948
49 See khanum_extracts_letter_1943 Excerpts from a letter from Ruhiyyih Khanum and distributed by the National Teaching Committee with her permission. Ruhiyyih Khanum Dated July 31, 1943 - rec’d Sept. 1, 1943
50 See khanum_address_ottawa_1960 Notes of address by hand of the cause Ruhiyyih Khanum in Ottawa Ontario Ruhiyyih Khanum [R, White (notetaker)] May 27, 1960
51 See khanum_personal_remarks_1953 Ruhiyyih Khanum's personal remarks to the friends Ruhiyyih Khanum [R, White (notetaker)] 1953
52 See khanum_letter_youth_undated To the Bahá'í youth Ruhiyyih Khanum ?
53 See samandari_visit_hawthorne_california Notes taken from visit of Mr. Samandari - hand of the cause at Hawthorne Calif. Mr. Samandari ?
54 See hoagg_outline_study_saq An outline for study of Some Answered Questions (Vogel Park, Cleveland GA) Mrs. H. Emogene Hoagg June 14-21 1941
55 See shoghi-effendi_letter_ioas_1935 Extract of letter of Shoghi Effendi to Leroy Ioas through H. Rabbini dated Nov. 14. 1935. A larger selection of this is found iná'í_News/Issue_102 pp. 2-3 Shoghi Effendi November 14, 1935
56 See shoghi-effendi_khanum_macy_nebraska To the Bahá'ís of Macy Nebraska. This was published in a booklet, "To The Indian And Eskimo Bahá'í's of The American Continent" by Ruhiyyih Khanum, p. 11 R. Rabbani / Shoghi December 21, 1947
57 See events_bahai_history_1969 Significant events in Bahá'í history ? After 1969
58 See spiritual_reinforcement_study_questions For spiritual reinforcement NSA of USA Publication between 1957 - Aug 1959
59 See spiritual_reinforcement_study_questions For spiritual reinforcement quiz No. 1 NSA of USA Publication between 1957 - Aug 1959
60 anonymous_teaching_cause_summary.docx
Summary of some practical suggestions (page 10 of a larger document, size unknown) ? ?
61 See abdul-baha_chart_spiritual_evolution The Universe Chart, also online at (This chart, 2 copies, one with text on 11 x 17 inch card stock folded in the center comprising 2 pages, printed both sides and a smaller copy 8.5 x 11 inches with no text.) Lua Getsinger & C.D. Kelsey 4/5/58
62 See abdul-baha_chart_spiritual_evolution The small Universe Chart (This smaller 7 x 8.75 inch chart was probably produced about the same time (1958) along with the Large chart. This chart has a handwritten note on back.) Lua Getsinger & C.D. Kelsey ?
63 See anonymous_messiah_hebrew_scriptures Two comings of Messiah as foretold in the Hebrew scriptures ? ?
64 wilmette_temple_postcard_undated.docx
Color print of the original drawing of the Temple, before it was built. See Original Wilmette Bahá’í Temple Design - Earliest Watercolor. These images were scanned in 2001, front and back, at what was a very high resolution for the time. ? 1912
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