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Welcome to Jonah Winters' Baha'i Academics Resource Page. Here you'll find primary and secondary documents, resource tools, and some of my work. Material featured here is to supplement the body of published works available on the internet with some of the vast amount of useful, yet heretofore unavailable, scholarship. Those who have papers or articles related to the Baha'i Faith not elsewhere published are encouraged to submit them for inclusion.

The following documents have an expanded introduction and explanation on their own pages. This list will be expanded as soon as others contribute their work to it. Please check back monthly.

    Primary Source Material

  • A growing number of provisional translations of Baha'i sacred texts is now available.
  • Almost all published primary source material is available elsewhere on the web, save most letters from the Universal House of Justice.
  • Some Pilgrims' Notes should be available by June, 1997.
  • Other primary historical material, original documents other than sacred texts.

    Secondary Source Material

  • Numerous articles and essays by scholars and other students.
  • A scattering of pieces from newspapers, magazines, and court documents.
  • Book Reviews. Currently mostly in Articles section. Will be sorted soon.
  • These talks and personal letters, though not necessarily formal articles, are academically useful.

    Resource Tools

  • Select resource tools, including the comprehensive Curriculum Guide for the Baha'i Faith, MacEoin's massive Babi and Baha'i Religions: An Annotated Bibliography (assistance with this is requested: see intro), journal bibliographies, and assorted databases.

    Personal Academic Work

  • The papers I've written while in grad school (these being the ones with a slightly greater academic usefulness than earlier work).
  • My theses and other publications.

    Random Material

  • While there are many web pages devoted to the Baha'i Faith, few contain original academic material. Here are some of the other sites that do, as well as the Baha'i Ring.

  • As well as this useful, serious stuff, I mail out one humor file daily to a small group of tolerant people. From the mass of lowbrow and just plain dumb humor on the net I select about 10%: the mildly intellectual and the unusual. Here are my humor archives, updated bi-monthly.

  • For those friends I've made in cyberspace but have yet to meet in three dimensions, here's some bio stuff.

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