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A very short published talk.
While this item is very short, it is posted as a separate document because (1) it was published on its own and (2) it comprises its own chapter in Conqueror of Hearts.

The Morning of Your Lives:
Talk given at a Hawaiian Youth Conference

by Abu'l-Qasim Faizi

published in British Bahai Journal, page 5
Conqueror of Hearts table of contents

The title comes from a letter from Louis XIV to his young daughter. She had decided to become a nun and wanted her father's permission and blessing. He wrote to say: "I am very glad that you are consecrating your life for the service of Christ. I am even more glad because it is in the morning of your life. I am in the evening of mine and can do nothing."

A story in the Qur'án: Muhammad says when God created the universe, He found it perfect and decided to have a representative on earth. He chose Adam to whom He taught divine knowledge and asked the angels of heaven to bow down before man. All obeyed except Satan, who said, "Adam is created from earth and I am from fire." Please consider this point. Ever since man has had a divided nature: earth and fire. The beloved Master describes the difference. Earth has the characteristics of being faithful, patient and generous. Faithful, as thousands of treasures are deposited there for all eternity. Patient, although you tear it into pieces, it accepts seeds and gives back so much. Generous: give it a piece of a stick and it will change it into a growing tree. Fire has the characteristics of being angry, devastating and insatiable. It reaches everywhere in its thirst for danger and will devastate everything in its path. All of us should adopt the characteristics of the earth. Servitude is the only path of success we can ever tread--the only path where every step is illumined by the Tablets and examples of `Abdu'l-Bahá. Every other path becomes an egotistical path which is doomed to failure.

A new age is dawning upon the world. We are in the twilight of that age. Man has invented instruments to fight against nature, but has also destroyed himself too. The path of servitude gives us a way to explore our own hearts and souls without which we will never be anything. We must reach the rank destined for us. The youth must be careful about the current movements in the world today. All around us is a failing and dying civilization--the dead body of which gives rise to many new movements and thoughts. We must be taken by `Abdu'l-Bahá in the path of servitude. We must realize the exalted position and destiny of man. He is the symbol of the whole universe--a miniature universe. He must explore himself, his talents, potency and powers to use in the path of God.

Youth is the greatest opportunity given to man, to prepare himself for his life, every moment of every day. In the age of achievement--manhood--he will reap the preparation of his youth. A moment of these days (that is, the dawning of a new age) is worth one hundred years of the future. Please do not transfer such moments to low aims and desires. Be grateful you were born in this day. People will come in flocks for remedy and healing. Follow the Dawn-Breakers and `Abdu'l-Bahá. Can a moth ever be separated from the candle? Walk in the shoes of the Master. That is the only way for us.
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