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In March 2006 the NSA of the United Kingdom suspended the "Association for Baha'i Studies (English-speaking Europe)" and replaced it with the "Association for Baha'i Studies (United Kingdom)". At that time the Baha'i Studies Review was given a new editorial board and a new publisher, Intellect, and housed at where this article was provided as a free download. BSR has moved to yet a third website,, which no longer offers this PDF online.

Bahá'í Approaches to Christianity and Islam:
Further Thoughts on Developing an Inter-Religious Dialogue

by Seena Fazel

published in Bahá'í Studies Review, 14, pages 39-51
London: Association for Baha'i Studies UK, 2007-12
Abstract: This paper aims to present a novel Bahá'í contribution to inter-religious dialogue, one that is based on developing intellectual bridges between the religions. It is argued that the concept of continuity of revelation is a framework by which religions can dialogue about their differences and similarities. Some preliminary aspects of this concept are outlined from scripture and current scholarship in Christianity and Islam. There are three aspects to continuity of revelation: commonalities between the religions, non-exclusivity and non-finality in relation to their claims. The paper concludes that a central theme of inter-religious dialogue should be the nature and lives of the prophet-founders. In the context of Christian – Muslim dialogue, the challenge that the prophetic career of Muhammad represents for Christians is discussed in relation to ‘Abdu'l-Bahá's talks in the West. Finally, the importance for Bahá'ís of contributing to the western discourse on Islam is explored.


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