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Tower of Babel

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 9:35 am
by Pilosofia
Want to read a story on the Tower of Babel and join on it's discussion?
then go to:

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 12:06 pm
by brettz9
Dear Pilosofia,

The bulletin board you referred to, is more intended for announcement of new discussions and not for the actual discussing itself.

If you are interested, I can set up an ongoing thread dedicated to this topic at (I can also add back the other topical thread you had started here earlier).

However, the thread that someone started at the former website seems to go off on a tangent not really relevant to Bahá'í Teachings. I would prefer that discussions at the latter site have some connection to the Bahá'í teachings on the subject, even if they involve personal opinions...

best wishes,

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 5:14 pm
by Pilosofia
Thank you for the correction.
Frankly it's confusing to me with the various sections having to go
here and having to go there. Nevertheless it's your website and
rules are rules. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

Also the post you mention on the other website is in keeping with the
spirit of the Bahai faith. I see all things as related to God, I do not
beleve there are sections for one faith and sections for other faiths.
The Bahai Faith should be the bed rock of one's insight and belief,
it should strengthen research and seeking for Truth. I started writing
my book because everyone else was afraid to, many were happy to
remain comfortable and go on every day as the same as yesterday.

Posted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 7:21 pm
by brettz9
Dear Pilosofia,

As far as the reason for this information being on different websites...

Jonah is the site owner here, so this is his bulletin board, though I have assisted a little bit with some moderating. I did temporarily set up a similar discussion here, so I apologize for any confusion (you were the one person who got around to posting there as I recall), but now the (ongoing) discussions are where they are meant to be, at this other website, .

The reason there is a Yahoo Group for discussions is because this service can allow us to have a convenient calendar as well as database for keeping track of chats and discussions going on in the Bahá'í world. It is intended as a central place which allows Bahá'ís to publicize such activities as a book discussion, online fireside, etc., which are following a certain time schedule or deadline.

As far as the post on the Tower of Babel, I really don't want to deter you in any way from contributing. Maybe I should have said that it didn't seem like the intention of the post was to find out other interpretations of the Tower of Babel, but was more focused on a hypothetical. Since the website is intended for ongoing discussions (which could continue indefinitely), my intention was that the topic title should be related to what is going to be discussed there for a while.

I would also highly recommend if you would like to get a lot of response, as well as discuss items which are more hypothetical, etc.

I really didn't intend to cut down the lines of communication. I would just like to see that discussions end up where they can be engaging as well as well-organized, etc..

best wishes,