UHJ prophecised in kitab aqdas ***EVERYONE PRINT THIS OUT***

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UHJ prophecised in kitab aqdas ***EVERYONE PRINT THIS OUT***

Postby British_Bahai » Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:01 pm

Hi everyone

We all know how covenant breakers manipulate the Will and Testament of AbdulBaha to their likings to try and justify themselves and their split (even though its against the bahai faith to have sects)

Right now i was just skim reading the Child of the Covenant by Adib Taherzadeh and came across an excellent quote:
Endowments dedicated to charity revert to God, the Revealer of Signs. None hath the right to dispose of them without leave from Him Who is the Dawning-place of Revelation. After Him, this authority shall pass to the Aghsán, and after them to the House of Justice--should it be established in the world by then--that they may use these endowments for the benefit of the Places which have been exalted in this Cause, and for whatsoever hath been enjoined upon them by Him Who is the God of might and power. Otherwise, the endowments shall revert to the people of Bahá who speak not except by His leave and judge not save in accordance with what God hath decreed in this Tablet--lo, they are the champions of victory betwixt heaven and earth--that they may use them in the manner that hath been laid down in the Book by God, the Mighty, the Bountiful.

Kitab Aqdas, paragraph 42.
http://reference.bahai.org/en/t/b/KA/ka-5.html (emphasis added on the part which i thought was most important)

These covenant breakers claim their obedience to Bahaullah but they say they go against the Universal House of Justice because its "fake" or whatever.
The irony is that if they do believe in Bahaullah then they cant go against the KITAB-AQDAS... can they?!!! THE KITAB AQDAS WAS WRITTEN BY BAHAULLAH!!!!!

The text is there for them to read, pure and simple, yet they still insist on creating a division.

haha, i love that quote. Excellent! 8-)

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Postby British_Bahai » Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:26 pm

HighMountain wrote:A nice find indeed. It literally is spelled out for everyone.
Oh believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Everyone, it would be a good idea to make an effort to read:

The covenant (by Adib Taherzadeh)

and then its sequel:

The child of the covenant (again by Adib Taherzadeh) (which focuses on the W&T of abdulbaha)

more info on the books, incase if anyones interested.

And dont think to yourself theyre expensive or whatever...because the knowledge that you learn from them will last you a lifetime. You dont necessarily have to order books from a bahai bookstore, you can order them from anywhere, so long as you have their ISBN number

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Postby British_Bahai » Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:17 pm

God_Keep_Me_In_The_Way wrote:i read the pasage.
i see on a website of baha'i who believe in a guardian that Him( i dont know if its Neal Chase or Jacques Seguomonian) is an Gushn ( Of the David linéage ).

Dans la foie Bahaie, il etait seulement UNE Guardian (qui s'appelle "Shoghi Effendi"). Apres il est mort en 1957, la foie Bahai est sous l'instruction de Maison Universelle de Justice (Universal House of Justice).

(Alors, Neal Chase ou Jacques ne jamais etait une Guardian).

Si vous avez des autre questionnes, vous pouvez me poser ...
a bientot :smile:

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