Dear Sarah

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Dear Sarah

Postby majnun » Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:17 pm

I think you should be permitted to express your
opinions freely here and be heard, without any sort
of censorship.

I was wondering where you took the term "Final Testament"
because it is not included into the Qur'an (I mean : I did not saw it in print).

This terminology of a "final testament" was coined in the 70's by
the Submitters group from Tucson, Arizona (Dr Khalifa), and they claimed
that the Qur'an was a "final" scripture, while showing the arithmetical
structure of number 19 inserted into the Qur'an.

Seconly, i noticed that you put the term "holy" besides the word
Qur'an. Where did you took that "twist" ?

Thirdly, the questions you did asked in the two treads that were
"locked" merit to be answered with honesty and fairness, and be viewed with openness of mind from both sides, either muslims or christians or baha'is, in order for all to enjoy a constructive interreligious dialogue.

I hope we can continue our friendly discussions, because scriptures
received from above, even those before the Torah came availuable,
like the book of Enoch (from prophet Idris) upto the Qur'an,
should not be a "taboo" subject in this forum.

So dear Sarah, keep on writng. I for one, will give you what I
think in writing back to you. Let's be constructive, all together !

Khoda Hafez


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