Baha'i Community in Iraq

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Baha'i Community in Iraq

Postby Keyvan » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:43 am

I was wondering if anyone has any information on the development of the Baha'i Community in Iraq since the new government came into power.

I've read this 2006 link here, which describes how even though the new government is more tolerant, some residual laws of persecution from under Saddam still stand.

I don't know if this still stands though since the date of that publication years ago.

Since 2003, the Government has not engaged in the persecution of any religious group, calling instead for tolerance and acceptance of all religious minorities. However, long-standing discriminatory practices against the Baha'i and Wahabbi Sunni Muslims continued by some government institutions.

Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) Resolution 201 of 2001, prohibits the Wahhabi branch of Islam and mandates the death penalty for adherents if the charge is proved. Law No. 105 of 1970, prohibits the Baha'i faith. Both are still part of the law.

Provisions in the TAL and the constitution provide for religious freedom. However, at the end of the reporting period, the Ministry of Interior's Nationality and Passport Section continued to follow the provisions of Regulation 358 of 1975 which prohibits the issuance of a nationality identity card to those claiming the Baha'i faith. Without this official citizenship card, Baha'i experienced difficulty registering their children in school and applying for passports.

The Wahhabi branch of Islam and the Baha'i faith are prohibited by law; however, the respective provisions of the TAL and provisions within the constitution on freedom of religion may supercede these laws. Nonetheless, by the end of the reporting period, no court had ruled on these laws as no challenges had been brought.

Anyone have any updates?

Also, does anyone know anything about actual community development, including Assemblies, involvement from the BWC, etc?

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