Talking back, and standing up in a way that may seem harsh

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Talking back, and standing up in a way that may seem harsh

Postby shm » Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:57 pm

When I look at humans I see it is human nature that people respond spontaneously when they disagree with them, and its human nature for people to want to prove that they are correct. I was wondering is this right or wrong

For instance let me put up an example to an argument, and can someone give me there advice of whether the responses of the people are "indulgences of there passions or ego or what not" or if its okay to respond like that in the eyes of Bahaullah

Background: This occured on a school forum. this argument is over the fact that PersonA beleives that the TA give out low marks to everyone regardless of whether the assignment is good or not. The title of the argument is "The TA is determined before he even looks at ur work to give u a bad mark"

PersonA says:
TA give out low marks, do they expect us to "invent the light bulb", like seriously what do they expect out of us, I write up the assignment according to the way Im suppose to and I and many other student that I know of get low marks in the 60's. Theres something wrong with the marking of the TA's and they need to fix this

PersonR says:
(quoting my TA from one of my reports
Excellent write up -- 78%!!!!
like --wtf is that supposed to mean?

PersonA says:
I have a comment from my TA similar to PersonR
On one of my formal lab report my TA wrote
Well Written; good organisation----78.5%
Like seriously WTH, if its well written, good organisation, then where's my high 80's or 90's mark

(*PersonB now comes out and initiates an argument which I am confused of whether the responses made to this by PersonA are indulgences in PersonA's passion, or if they are okay in the eyes of Bahaullah*)

PersonB says:
I have a very rectal TA. He gave out 90+ to someone else in my lab. It wasn't me. Oh well. Life goes on. If you find a problem with the course, tell the course coordinator; do not poison this forum with complaints that will go nowhere.

I thought course coordinators looked at this forum. Plus isnt this forum the best place to pose ur problem about a course. This way other students respond and the course coordinator will know that its not just one individual but many students.
If Im poisoning this forum by voicing my idea about something that I guess the majority of the threads on this forum like the ones about "do u like the teacher" should be poison as well. Have u labelled them poison "Mr. Moderator"
when something is unfair, like how the TA's give students low marks, I believe its okay to complain, actually I think its better to complain than to just suffer with getting low marks. Yes life goes on, thats another obvious point.
If someone makes me his slave for 2 months, according to u Im not suppose to complain, cuz life goes on and after 2 months I wont be his slave. If this is "poison" can u please explain why, cuz according to u when people stand up and say something when they see something wrong its called poison

The problem isn't your complaint. The problem is the direction of your complaint. If you're enslaved, do you say to the other slaves, "Oh, man, my life is hard"? No, because they may have it worse or at the very least they understand you. What you do with the other slaves is to voice your opinion, "I don't like my master." And then if you need to complain, you do so to your master or someone that is of higher ranking than your master.

Ya but its a little different when a student complains on this forum than when a slave complains to another slave
the difference is this: when the slave complains to the other slave the only person that hears the complaint is the other slave who might agree with the complaint as well
when I complain on this forum, other students may complain as well, but its not just the students who are hearing the complaint, I believe the teachers and the course coordinators have access to this forum as well, and I also believe they are of higher authority, and I also believe they can read, so I believe that they may see my complaint along with many other students complaints
And how do u know that I havnt directly talked to a higher authority about this myself? Looks like ur assuming something

Is the reponses of PersonA to PersonB in a manner which shows that he had indulged in his passion, and gone against the way he is suppose to respond in the eyes of Bahaullah, or is the responses of PersonA to PersonB okay in the eyes of Bahaullah.
If anyone can give there advice, itll be very much appreciated

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Postby majnun » Mon Mar 20, 2006 9:35 pm

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