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mismanagement of this forum to be reported to the US NSA

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:05 am
by Sean H.

You stated: ... c&start=26

"I wish for this forum to be civil and respectful, and these days I find I have less patience for discord -- mostly because I have less time and energy than before to help manage any conflicts."

That is unfortunate. It is also unfortunate that you have two moderators of this forum that have abused their positions and attacked members of the forum, presumably because you don't have time to provide appropriate guidance.

Unless you have some kind of immediate plan to remedy the situation I'm going to bring the matter to the attention of the US NSA and request their intervention.


Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:01 pm
by Jonah
I welcome third-party involvement. I was about to say "third-party arbitration," but I don't think there's anything to arbitrate.

I have deleted none of the posts by yourself, BW, or Brett, so the entire history of the discussions is available for all to see.

Unless you have some kind of immediate plan to remedy the situation

My immediate plan was to suspend your account for 1 week. But if you are willing to restrict your feedback on the matter to this thread, and leave them out of the "Discussion" forum, then I won't take this step.

two moderators of this forum that have abused their positions

As BW and I have both noted, the other "moderators" only delete spam or edit their own posts. Any statements they might make on the forum are not relevant to their positions as spam-deleters. They have not edited or deleted any of your posts. As proof of that, whenever a moderator or myself edits anyone's post, a timestamp is automatically placed in that post saying "last edited by [name] on [date]." See the note at the bottom of this very post for an example.

I'm moving this thread from the "Discussion" forum to the "About Baha'i Library" forum.


Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:02 pm
by FruccalFrilia
Isnt that a little extreme? epierce I dont see a campaign to malign you or your character or ethical apathy by Jonah to protect you from "bad moderators". It seems more like there is and was a disagreement of opinion about intellectual expression and the Bahai Faith. Can we not try to work this out without resorting to "telling" on people. What exactly are you asking of Jonah? To ban certain moderators? If that happened wouldnt that make your opinion more important than others and be exactly the thing your trying to fight against.
I think your misinterpreting Jonah's actions. He probably locked the thread because it was heading towards conflagrations that would be hard to sift through and moderate. Locking the thread would stop the degeneration of discussion into ad hominem attacks and the dragging up of personal experiences and past posts. This kind of discussion tends to turn into a "me verse him" where each participant jumps back and points there finger at every post declaring it an attack on themselves and the ideas they represent on the forum, regardless if that is actually the case.

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:06 pm
by Jonah
Argos, you caught me just in time -- feeling trigger-happy this morning, I was about to lock this thread too. But with your post, I'll leave it open.

How about this, Eric et al.: I'll leave this thread open for any discussion of this matter, and from this point forward I'll delete (or just lock) such personal discussions/attacks/whatever from the other forums.

Thanks, -Jonah

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 5:28 pm
by Jonah
BTW, I'd like to remind readers that only a couple months ago we lost an active contributor, Onepence, explicitly because of the fact that I declined to censor Eric's voice.

Onepence was upset because of the presence of sometimes-antagonistic "ex-Baha'is" on the forum and because I would not post a public warning stating that some correspondents were ex-Baha'is or to refuse access to ex-Baha'is entirely. (My declining to do so was at least partly due to technical reasons: there is no way for me to determine who's a registered Baha'i and who's not, and without strict identity verification, there's no way to enforce it anyway.)

Onepence also proposed writing to the NSA to get third-party involvement: in his case, I think, so that Eric's contributions (or those of any ex- or non-Baha'is) would be controlled or eliminated. Eric, it seems, now proposes the opposite: writing to the NSA because I'm allowing others to object to his statements.

Thus far, then, I think I've struck a good balance: letting everyone have their say, and not taking steps to prevent causing offense to Baha'is in the process. I can only hope that any interested non-Baha'is who are following this thread can get a well-balanced picture of the Faith and its community, and see that, at least in this case, we do practice openness and allow free dialogue.