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New update to

Postby brettz9 » Sat Jan 21, 2006 8:46 pm


Just an update about our Text Browser project ...

The open-source software we are using (and developing) is now to version 0.2... (If you know PHP/MySQL, by the way, you can download your own...You can even get public read-only access to our databases--see the site's RSS feed)

Most of the changes relate to administrator or site-translators (any volunteers to translate the interface into more languages?--btw, though Farsi is enabled, we don't have any translator for it yet) and thus behind the scenes, though other features which may be noticeable are:
<ul><li>An (optional) fixed header so that the header will stay at the top of the screen while browsing--useful for browsing large documents (doesn't work in Explorer for Mac though (if not others)</li><li>(Un)check-all book fields button</li></ul>

There are also less noticeable user improvements:
<ul><li>Began making accessibility improvements (for people with disabilities).</li><li>Anchors have been added to each table entry, even for specific cells</li><li>Each field marks its language (and provides directionality)</li><li>Files use XHTML Strict (Writings are still in HTML since the database contents have yet to be converted to be XHTML compliant)</li></ul>

There were some bug fixes and...

Recent content additions:
<ul><li>German translation of the Aqdas</li><li>English translation of Epistle to the Son of the Wolf</li><li>Arabic Hidden Words in Arabic</li><li>Persian Hidden Words in Persian and Arabic</li></ul>

I have only been adding items here bit by bit because I hope that if the World Centre releases full XML documents that the process can be fully automated (and, of course, based on their official copies).

I realize that searching is missing (and essential), but we will hopefully get there...There is also another volunteer who might assist if he has the time...

Feedback is welcome! (Please, please!)

best wishes,

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