Guru nanak's birthday

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Guru nanak's birthday

Postby palatadvor » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:54 am

Today 5th november is
Guru nanak Birthday

Mityaa andheraa chann chareaa
Whenever god's massenger take birth to earth, The darkness(of sins) go away and lightness came in existense

Happy GurUPurab to all

May god gives you all happiness in your life.

Nicha andar neech jaat, Neeche ho at Neech, Nanak tin kae sang saath, Wadeyaan seon kea rees
No one is small or big, dont believe in caste, creed, religon.........if you are thinking that you are superior then i waana tell you that god is not only with you.........god is with every body(low caste, scheduled caste or poor people). No discrimination on basis of religon too.

Nanak -> There is Only One God
He is truth in universe
He is the Creator, Protector, Without Fear, No Enmity, The First Entity, Without Incarnations, Self-perpetuating;
True in the beginning, True Through the Ages, True even now and says Nanak will be True in the future ...........

Waheguru jee ka khals waheguru jee ke fateh

Once again
Happy GurPurab

Baha'i Warrior
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Postby Baha'i Warrior » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:08 pm

Thank you for informing us, Sikhsm. Sikhism did a very noble thing in trying to create unity between two religions. This is the essence of the Baha'i Faith, unity.

How do you celebrate his birthday? Do you have a potluck, read your sacred writings, etc.?

Happy GurPurab.

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Postby palatadvor » Wed Nov 08, 2006 6:11 am

Bahai Khatri(Warrior), Thanks for showing interest

Well we first go to Sikh temple(Gurudwara) and bow our head............the sinny to sinny people even the Non - religitic person also go to gurudwara on that day.

on that day special Kirtan arrangement is there where the known bhai's recite tor sing he guru's writings & other sacred too not just read they tell us there divine meanings too. Special free arrangement of different dishes in gurudwaras. Lightning and fireworks in gurudwarasand even in temples too

Every buddy in punjab & many other places in india and in pakistan + mecca also, shine their home with candles and lights and fireworks.

and many more sorry i am in hurry i will tell u later ok bye[/googleBLO][/google]

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