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Spiritual Cosmological Conceptions.

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:52 pm
by Pilosofia
Wishing to thank everyone for the discussions and disagreements but
mainly for the value of learning from various opinions and beliefs.
Cosmological Conceptions has brought many to "think", rightly or
wrongly is not the point but to think beyond the box is the most important
process for going beyond towards new frontiers so to speak.
With the new advent of the Bahai Era all things are becoming possible,
the missing parts,the long awaited hopes and dreams wait for those who
are searching and seeking for new directions.
This topic is new to most human souls but it needs to be addressed,for
it lays the ground work towards future understanding for the progress
of humanity in ways which will prove most important in understanding
our role on this planet. No, Cosmological Conceptions is not a truth nor
a way to God personally, rather it is as stated a conception to open the
mind to possibilities,an understanding of science and the Writings on
creation,etc. it is an open pathway, not a closed door so to speak.
It is understood it is not for everyone and does not have to be.

Be aware I will be unable to return to the "posts" for a few weeks due to
heavy work load at this time.

Peace to all.