(on eBay) high resolution colour photocopy of a Tablet

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(on eBay) high resolution colour photocopy of a Tablet

Postby onepence » Tue Aug 01, 2006 2:21 pm

on ebay

Bahai tablet- a note from the master 'Abdu'l-Baha"

http://cgi.ebay.com/Bahai-tablet-a-note ... dZViewItem

Buy it now price: US $46.99

immediate payment required

The artifactworld is honored to display this historical, distinguished and religious document for Baha'i around the world and sharing the beauty of the master's handwriting, photgraph, ring seal and his holiness wisdom.

It has never been an offer like this for Baha'i to be able to obtain a copy of master's manuscript for their own private, spiritual and devotional time.


The Bah'a'i' World Center currently holds over 27,000 note and letters of 'Abdu'l-Baha and majority of these letters and personal notes are written by a third party and only signed by the master. All of these notes have been published including the tablet to Dr. Forel. However, this tablet has never been published and never been sent to any archives or Bah'a'i' Centers, and for the first time, the family of Mirza, Ghulam Husayn who have kept and possess the original, have decided to publish exact and duplicate photogrphic copies of this tablet and make it available for all bah'a'i'


This item is a limited edition 5" X 7" high resulotion photograph of an original priceless and precious manuscript tablet from the beloved master.

A sacred, articulate and distinguished autograph which is written by his holiness in "Persian" over 100 years ago, exhibiting such a profound righteousness which display form, proficiency, beauty and unique perception among Scholars, Clergymen, Historian, Artists and collectors of ancient scriptures.

A true document of antiquity which can not be found in any libraries, archives or museums in the world.

This tablet also include a 1.5" X 2.0" photograph of holiness 'Abdu'l-Baha, signatur and his authentic ring seal. This photograph of the original manuscript has been mounted in a 8" X 10" high quality wooden frame with an affixed label including a numeric serial number for authograph collectors. In addition, a copy of english translation certificate will be provided to each byer as a token of our appreciation.


This tablet is addresed to Ghulam-Husayn (servant-of-Husayn), Husayn is Baha'U'llah's first name, to Shiraz/Iran.

You: O servant of the ancient beauty, I write your name with glory of heaven and greatness of GOD.

Your face is blessed by the God's givingness who created the days and the nights.Open your mouth and speak your tongue (preach and advocate Bah'a 'i') through the days which end with Godly bless.

Each day turns to a beautiful new day when the light of the truth destroy the darkness and illuminate the faith of the entire world.

And then, where the darkness had covered the truth will be dissipated by intense light. The mankind breath will fill the empty channels across the world to excite this holly bright day by revealing the magnificent and glory of the only one GOD.

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