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A portion of the Baha'i Library is shared for use by those in countries with restricted access to the internet or where the Faith is proscribed. Freenet is the largest stable, unblockable global darknet.

Bahá'í Library on Freenet

If you use Freenet because of restrictions on Bahá'í materials in your country, Freemail me and let me know what you'd like posted. For now, I've only uploaded the Sacred Writings from the old BWC FTP site. When Freenet matures or grows, we'll make a copy of the database-driven collection of the Library and convert it to plain-text for uploading a backup of the website into Freenet; for now [2015 October], Freenet is still too small and slow and my uploaded content quickly expires.

Learn how to access freenet at Be warned, the content is still 90% trash.

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