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A series of six books on teaching children, organized by age.
These electronic editions are based on the first editions published by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of South Africa and the Bahá'í Publishing Trust of India.

Mirrored with permission from See publisher's electronic distribution license.

Bahá'í Education for Children:
A Teacher's Guide

by Ali-Akbar Furutan

Hong Kong: Juxta Publishing, 1999/2004
Seeing the need for a systematic approach to educating children in the mid-Twentieth Century, Hand of the Cause Ali-Akbar Furutan developed a set of 13 books for children. The books were written in Persian for use by the communities in Iran, and were known as the Kitáb-i-Dars-i-Akhlagh, "Books for Moral Education." Inspired by the spirit of the Four-Year Plan (1996-2000) and the need for human resource development, and with permission of Mr. Furutan, a group of Bahá'ís in Zambia translated the books into English, and updated the content, for worldwide distribution. They were published by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Zambia in 1998. In 1999 they were updated again and published in South Africa, under copyright by the Bahá'í Publishing Trust of India and Mr. Furutan, © 1999. This online edition was prepared by Juxta Publishing, 2004.

download Book 1   for children ages 5-6 (PDF, 1.2MB)
download Book 2 for children age 7 (PDF, 1.1MB)
download Book 3 for children age 8 (PDF, 1.2MB)
download Book 4 for children age 9 (PDF, 1.2MB)
download Book 5 for children age 10 (PDF, 1.1MB)
download Book 6 for children age 11 (PDF, 1.3MB)

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