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A talk by Dr. Riaz Ghadimi, published posthumously in English.
Book based on a lecture in Persian, "The Báb, the King of the Messengers," delivered 8 July 1984 in Toronto.

Mirrored with permission from See publisher's Books for the World license.

The Báb:
The King of Messengers

by Riaz Ghadimi

translated by Riaz Masrour
Hong Kong: Juxta Publishing Co., 2009
Abstract: This treatise is not a book of history. It is the text of an address about the greatness of the revelation of the Bab. It covers highlights of the life of the Bab as well as describing the fate of the persecutors of the Bab and His companions. It also addresses the references in the Revelation of the Bab to the subsequent Revelation of Baha’u'llah.
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