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An outsider's short history of the Faith in Vietnam since 1954 and current activities in the country.
This article contains some incorrect information, but is included here in the interest of completeness and historical interest. Please consult some Introductory materials for accurate information.

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Bahá'í Faith:
Origin, Missionary Work, and the Entrance into Vietnam

by Mai Thanh Hai

published in Religious Studies Review, 4:2, pages 74-79
Abstract: Earlier in 2007, the legitimacy of the Baha’i faith was officially recognized by the State of Vietnam and the religion was allowed to practice its rituals within the framework of Vietnam's existing legal systems. Yet Sirin Phoda, an Indian who was appointed by the Indian National Spiritual Assembly, had come to Saigon for missionary work in Vietnam at the end of 1954. The paper first explains what is the Bahá'í faith, how it developed in the world, and then discusses its situation in Vietnam since the beginning of its missionary work until the present.

Note: This article contains many inaccuracies, but has been included in this Library out of historical interest — for example, does this article reflect the common understandings of the Faith at that time in Vietnam? Was this author being intentionally misleading, or misled? Did available sources in Vietnamese at the time also include these errors? Please consult various Introductory materials to verify any facts before quoting from or citing this article. [-J.W.]

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