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TAGS: Dawn-Breakers (book); Effie Baker; Photography
LOCATIONS: Australia; Iran (documents); Iraq; Israel
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Extensive biography of Effie Baker, an early Australian Bahá'í.
See also Hassall's shorter article Baker, Euphemia Eleanor.

Footnotes have been lost in this online version.

Ambassador at the Court:
The Life and Photography of Effie Baker

by Graham Hassall

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  1. Introduction
  2. Early Years
  3. Clara and Hyde Dunn
  4. Martha Root
  5. Journey to Haifa
  6. Pilgrimage
  7. England
  8. Pilgrim Hostel Hostess
  9. Photography
  10. Persia
  11. Last Years in Haifa
  12. Return to Australia
  13. Hazirat'ul-Quds
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