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TAGS: Abul-Qasim Faizi; Ali Akbar Furutan; Talks
LOCATIONS: Australia
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Lengthy talks of Hands of the Cause A.Q. Faizi and A.A. Furútan in Australia at the Yerrinbool summer school.
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Mr Faizi and Mr Furútan in Australia:
The Yerrinbool tapes

by Abu'l-Qasim Faizi and Ali-Akbar Furutan

edited by Graham Hassall
published in Australian Bahá'í Studies, vol. 2, pages 125-210
Ingleside, NSW: Association for Bahá'í Studies Australia, 2000
About: Transcripts of tape recordings made of the talks of Mr Faizi and Mr Furútan in Australia, December 1953 - January 1954 [the southern-hemisphere summer]. These recordings were forgotten, and only years later rediscovered in the National Bahá’í Archives at Mona Vale. The process of retrieving the talks took a number of years. Robert Mannell transferred the recordings from the original “reel to reel” format to cassettes. Alan Waters made the first transcripts. Mr Ghodratollah Ahmadian then compared the transcripts with the audio tapes, checking the text with the Persian and Arabic of Mr Furútan, and the English of Mr Faizi. Mr Ahmadian also annotated the text to make it more accessible to the reader.
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