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TAGS: Lawh-i-Aflakiyyih (Tablet of the Universe); Minimalism; Philosophy
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by William S. Hatcher

William S. Hatcher Library, 2008
Abstract: Twentieth-century philosophy has largely consisted of a pseudo-dialogue between the extremes of a positivistic, reductionistic objectivism and a subjectivist, postmodernist relativism. “Minimalism” represents both an original method and a fresh treatment of philosophical problems, applying the modern logic of relations to classical issues in philosophy such as the existence and nature of God. Rigorous application of this method yields answers strikingly similar to those in the Bahá’í Writings. Although minimalism goes far to restore the broken dialogue between science and religion, it is not an ad hoc compromise between two extremes but rather a proactive philosophy based on explicit, positive principles. [Abstract taken from a different version of this presentation, at ABS 2003; see conference program. -J.W.]

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