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TAGS: Bahai radio; Interviews; Raul Pavon
LOCATIONS: Otavalo, Ecuador
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Excerpt from an interview with Kurt Hein, 5 January 1982, Otavalo, Ecuador.
Pavon is the individual who conceived Radio Bahá'í as a means to teach and consolidate the Faith among the thousands of native people who accepted the teachings in the early '70s. He was chairman of the NSA of Ecuador and then named a Counsellor. He honored Dr. Muhajir as his teacher/mentor/model/hero. He was our next-door neighbor when we lived in Otavalo. He brought most of his family into the Faith--mother, father, sisters, brother. His parents had raised them to love and honor the indigenous people. He learned Quichua and was a school teacher and a literacy teacher/trainer. Pavon passed on in Peru in October 1983 (in his early 50s) while assisting with the establishment of Radio Bahá'í de Bolivia. -K.H.

Excerpt from an interview with Raúl Pavón

by Kurt Hein

published in Radio Bahá'í Ecuador: A Bahá'í Development Project, page 155
Kidlington, Oxford: George Ronald, Publisher, 1988
      "Whatever idea we have had in the past which seemed useful, in the sense of inventing something to produce something, must have as its first step a pure and sincere beginning by someone who gives all that he has for humanity, with the same spirit that the planter has been he plants: the 'mystique' of the planter. He plants because of the act of planting, independent of the harvest, independent of the success of the harvest; he plants because he must plant.

      I have seen it in the campesinos when I was planting (with them). When the planting was finished . . . . I had an intimate communication with God, in my prayer. For me it was an unconscious act . . . a creative act . . . . I clearly remember when I planted beans or rice in the jungle - when I had finished spreading the seeds, before covering them with soil - I always prayed.

      But, when I prayed, I wasn't asking for a good harvest. Control - the supervision, the consultation - applies to how to do it, not whatever end we are trying to achieve. . . .

      Radio Bahá'í has shown us that radio cannot be directed only were one wants: It goes!  And how does it go? One must think universally, and this is liberating - to me, to you, and to all those of us who are involved in it . . . If your thinking is limited to a particular response it limits your participation. . . .

      For me, creativity is the answer to everything.  Because, if you don't have a mind that seeks creativity, you will not learn, nor see the results with God places in front of you . . . you will see only those things that you want to see. If you do it in the spirit of prayer, of search - the creative things, you will immediately encounter marvelous things which have always been with you and which you had not seen before."
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