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"When you take an actual historical time and twist it, the results can be rather interesting. What part is true, what part is not? That, the reader will have to decide." From the Twisting Topeka anthology of historical fiction.
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Proclaim the New Name

by Duane L. Herrmann

published in Twisting Topeka
CreateSpace, 2014/2016
Book blurb: We each experience and envision our own version of Topeka. In these stories, 18 writers twist the past and future to explore alternate possibilities for our community. These stories will make you question what you know about the past and frighten you about what the future could hold. What if a big change pivoted on a small moment?

Author's summary: The challenge was to take an event in Topeka's history and "twist" it in any way the author wanted. Since the history of the Faith is my "thing," I chose that. And, since I want to proclaim the heart of Bahá'u'lláh's message I also did that with this story titled "Proclaim the New Name."

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